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Roberta Hudlow SL

Roberta Hudlow SL is a working artist, photographer and longtime advocate for justice and peace.
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Winter to Spring: Nerinx Hall Loretto Circle Meditation

By Roberta Hudlow SL / April 1, 2023 /
A deep blue sky shows through ice-covered tree branches

We entered a room with a warm fireplace blazing; the ambiance was comforting and there was tea and hot chocolate to also please the body. This was the beginning of…

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The Art of Being Useful

By Roberta Hudlow SL / June 1, 2019 /
Two men sitting across from each other at a round table outdoors in a grass yard enjoying a meal. There are other empty chairs around them with additional plates of food and drinks.

As Loretto members demonstrate and march, Robert Strobridge (Stro) is with us in his well-made, colorful banners. They draw attention to the cause and announce the presence of the Loretto…

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Memories of Rudy Torrini, a Great Teacher, Friend, Mentor

By Roberta Hudlow SL / November 1, 2018 /

There is a lot to say about Rudy (Rudolph) Torrini (1923-2018). He has been connected to Loretto for quite a while. If I remember correctly, he was first hired to…

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Surprised by Beauty

By Roberta Hudlow SL / September 1, 2016 /
Green Park and Pond on University Campus with ducks.

There is a soft spot of ecological and low-tech beauty behind Webster University’s multiple-rise parking garage on Garden Avenue. It is a low marshy area that planners at the university…

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