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The Loretto Community extends its spirit and values through membership, service opportunities, collaboration on social justice and peace work, and by inviting people to become part of the Loretto Circle. The Loretto Circle is open to friends of Loretto who want connect without formally committing to vowed or co-membership in the Community.

The Loretto Circle offers “Loretto a la carte,” with many ways to connect. Here are just a few:
· sign up for our newsletter [sign up below]
· follow us on Facebook in order to network, to talk with others, make plans, and get information, or ask to join our closed Facebook group for more
· attend a retreat weekend at the Motherhouse
· attend programs or retreats at the Loretto Spirituality Center in Denver
· join in direct actions for peace and justice supported by Loretto
· participate in a short-term service project
· get involved with a Loretto committee or network*
· receive Motherhouse homilies
· get Loretto publications
· receive invitations to events

You might think of other ways you would like to be part of the Loretto Circle. Email Sandra Hareld, of the Loretto Outreach Team, to get connected.

Sandra Hareld

* Loretto committees include: Education Committee, Ghana Sister Committee, Guatemala Sister Committee, Latin America/Caribbean Committee, Loretto for a Nuclear-Free World, Pakistan Committee, Racial Justice Committee. Loretto networks include: Loretto Earth Network, Loretto Women’s Network.

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