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Loretto Circle

The Community welcomes colleagues, alums, friends of Loretto and others to join together to learn, enrich and share in the bounty that is Loretto. Learn more about the Loretto Circle.

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Read the latest issue of the Loretto Circle eNewsletter

By Loretto Community / December 6, 2019 /
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Extra! Extra! Loretto Newsletters Available!

By Libby Comeaux CoL / April 1, 2019 /

It may surprise you to know of the many newsletters that have sprung up from various working groups within the Loretto Community. Below is a list for your information. If you are not already receiving a newsletter on a topic you would like to follow, we encourage you to use the email addresses listed to…

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Loretto Circle Flourishes with In-Person and Online Groups

By Sandra Hareld CoL / November 1, 2017 /

Loretto’s Outreach Committee continues to find opportunities to respond to those interested in being more connected with Loretto. One way of making those connections, meeting Loretto members and learning more about who we are and what we do, is through the Loretto Circle. The Loretto Circle was started in 2009 when the Loretto Assembly approved…

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