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Loretto Circles extend spirit, values of Loretto Community

Posted on April 8, 2024, by Loretto Community

In 2009 at the Loretto Assembly, Loretto members approved a resolution to create a Loretto Circle as a way for individuals to connect with Loretto without needing to make a vowed or co-membership commitment. Circles are an informal affiliation of individuals who want to come together with Loretto Community members to learn more about Loretto history, mission, values and spirituality through various means. These may include studies of Loretto written materials, retreats, spirituality discussions, peace and justice activities and other mission-related opportunities. Circles meet on a regular basis, either in person or online. 

Eleven smiling people pose for a photo on a set of stairs outside a red brick building.
April 2023 Loretto Outreach contemplative retreat participants. Front left and clockwise around the outside: Neil Tucker, Lisa Reynolds, Marcella Shields, Janet Prewitt, Christina Manweller, Scott Hankla, Johanna Brian, Robin Marlow, Len Grinstead. In center, Kaye Edwards, Julie Kerber.
Photo by Donna Mattingly SL

Currently there are two Loretto Circles. One is based out of St. Louis and starting its eighth year and another draws members from throughout the United States. This Circle is starting its seventh year.

Loretto Outreach became involved with the Loretto Circle to carry on the work that had been initiated by Loretto co-members Martha Alderson and Barbara Mecker. The goals of the Loretto Circle dovetailed nicely with that of Loretto Outreach, as Circles are one way to extend the spirit and values of the Loretto Community.

In 2013, Co-member Eileen Harrington (former Loretto Outreach Coordinator) started the Loretto Circle Newsletter as a way to share Loretto news about peace, justice and what we’re up to, as well as Loretto events and invitations to connect with Loretto and friends. The newsletter often includes poems, prayers, reflections and pictures from Loretto members and friends. Eileen published the first issue in October 2013. Co-member Trish Herron then published issues two through six between July 2014 and November 2014. Co-member Sandra Hareld began with issue seven in December 2014 and has been the publisher since that time. She has published more than 100 issues!

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