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Christ Is Risen, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Posted on March 25, 2024, by Loretto Community

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During Holy Week, Christians focus on the mysteries of Jesus’ death and resurrection — again, a journey from darkness to light. It is a time of deep reflection and prayer. We walk alongside Jesus through his passion and death to the joy of Easter, when we celebrate Christ’s rising from the dead for us and for our salvation.

Thomas Merton tells us that the Easter Proclamation — the Exultet sung at the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil  — contains the whole of theology: “Light in the darkness, the morning star which never sets, the peaceful light on all humanity. … Christ your Son, lives and reigns forever.” And we can sing all the Alleluias we want!

The Easter Scripture messages are the fulfillment, as Merton describes it, of “Resurrection faith” – the Christ lives forever! Light in the darkness on everyone and everything, for God is near: God’s peace, God’s freedom, God’s hope, God’s love. All given us in the Risen Jesus, the bread of our life in community and the source of hope that the power of life is greater than death. Now, to love Jesus as He loves us is everything. And love is enough.

The Sisters and Co-members of Loretto, and the Loretto staff wish you the blessings of Easter.

Sing with us: Alleluia! Alleluia!


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