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Karen Cassidy Receives Prestigious Bell Award

Posted on December 1, 2016, by Loretto Community

By Ceciliana Skees

Women accepting a reward at a ceremony giving a statement.
Karen Cassidy

Oct. 21 Karen Cassidy, along with 11 other notable volunteers, was a recipient of the 2016 Bell Award in Louisville, Ky. Karen’s dream was to establish a home to provide care to individuals at the end of life who have no loved ones or home so they can die with dignity. Hildegard House opened its doors this past July in the historic Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville. For two years Karen has solicited many volunteers to convert a building there into a welcoming home. In her acceptance speech, Karen said, “When many people volunteer, no one has to do it all.” Karen accepted the award in the name of the volunteers who helped make her dream come true.

I helped Karen with Hildegard House during the past two years. “Karen so deserves to receive such a prestigious award,” I told those at the award ceremony. Other Loretto Community members also expressed their enthusiasm and gratitude for being present as Karen was honored during the evening’s ceremony.

Johanna Brian expressed her feelings when she said, “It was a joy to hear people describing their voluntary efforts to make life better for many people. I was glad the Loretto Community was represented as our Karen received an award for her dedicated support of Hildegard House.”

A round table filled with individuals smiling together for a group photo at a ceremony.
Among Loretto members who attended the Bell Award ceremony were, clockwise from left, Alicia Ramirez, Earna Volk, Debra Kehl, Johanna Brian, Joan Powers, Donna Mattingly, Dolores Kelledy, Lupe Arciniega, Marie Ego and Barbara Hagan.
Photo by Karen Cassidy

Debra Kehl commented, “Karen’s work is ‘Moments of Grace!’ For her ‘To Be and Be There’ at Hildegard House for the clients is seeing God at work and in action — with her, through her and by her.”

Dolores Kelledy stated, “After witnessing the touching Bell Awards, I now have hope there are many people who find ways of helping those in need.”

Earna Volk reflected, “The evening reminded me of words from Lao Tzu, ‘A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.’”

Alicia Ramirez said, “I was amazed at the variety of volunteer work that is done in our area We were proud of our Karen who founded Hildegard House.”

Donna Mattingly declared, “It was heartwarming to be at the Awards. Karen was one of the recipients for outstanding humanitarian contribution in establishing the Hildegard House. Her personal commitment is truly inspiring to all of us.”

Barbara Hagan said, “I was elated at the energy from the amazing volunteers in our midst. As the awards were being given out, I could think of many people in my life that would fit into this group keeping our world running on love.”

Joan Powers explained, “I came away from the celebration thankful, humbled and happy to be associated with a recipient. I feel the same way whenever I’m in the presence of the Loretto Community. To share the evening with vowed members and other co-members made me more appreciative than ever to be reminded of the good in our world.”

Marie Ego stated, “It was an honor to attend the awards ceremony. There were so many good people of all ages that I could feel the vibrations of peace and love in the ballroom. The honor for Muhammad Ali and Lonnie, his wife, was very special.”

Three women standing together wearing name tags smiling for a photo indoors.
From left, Sr. Anndavid Naeger, Ceciliana Skees and Sue Charmley also attended the Oct. 21 event honoring Karen Cassidy.
Photo by Karen Cassidy

Lupe Arciniega said, “The reception filled my heart with hope that indeed there are kindness, love and caring throughout our neighborhoods. Those honored live quietly but alert to the needs in their communities. I was proud to see our own Karen honored for her unselfish service to the Hildegard House.”


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