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Collaborative Efforts Bolster Loretto’s U.N. Mission

Posted on July 18, 2022, by Loretto Community

From left to right, Beth Blissman talks with Ambassador Byrne Nason of Ireland, former chairperson of CSW, and Fiona Broderick, First Secretary at the Irish mission.
Photo courtesy of NGO-CSW/NY

The Loretto Community is recognized as an NGO (non-governmental organization), accredited with consultative status at the United Nations. The consultative work is carried out by Loretto at the UN, which collaborates with many other civil society groups in its advocacy efforts. 

In 2021, Loretto at the UN became an official member of the Justice Coalition of Religious, a group of Catholic NGOs from around the globe creating a positive impact at the United Nations. Loretto at the UN was there at JCoR’s conception and is so pleased to now officially be a part of this select group of NGOs that collectively represents more than 200 congregations of Roman Catholic women and men religious at the United Nations.  

Loretto at the United Nations educates future global citizens, advocates on the international level for the needs of our constituents, and promotes climate justice.

Loretto at the UN mission statement

I Am the Way, Loretto’s Constitutions, speaks to the importance of collaboration, stating, “Cooperation with others engaged in creating a more just and peaceful world is crucial to fruitful mission.” (#40)

Loretto at the UN’s varied collaborative efforts include working diligently with the NGO Committee on Migration during the IMRF, the International Migration Review Forum. This month, Loretto at the UN once again is collaborating with the Working Group on Girls (WGG) for the High-Level Political Forum, where nations come to review their progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). WGG helps track specific mentions of how countries are improving Goal 5, gender equity with special mentions of girls rights and education. 

Loretto at the UN works with many other committees and working groups to both bring our voice and enact our Community’s values at the United Nations. In I Am the Way, a supportive quote from St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians speaks to this collaborative mission: “We prove we are God’s servants by the word of truth and the power of God.” (Cor. 6:6)

Visit Loretto at the UN on the web or contact Loretto’s U.N. NGO representative Beth Blissman through the form below for more information about Loretto at the UN’s collaborative efforts.

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