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Loretto: Fostering excellence in education since 1812

Posted on May 29, 2023, by Loretto Community

Students in white graduation caps and gowns, and colorful stoles and tassels leap together for joy!
St. Mary’s Academy students jump for joy at graduation!
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Loretto values education! That statement could have been the headline in newspapers across the United States from our founding in 1812 to today. Former Loretto President Sister Helen Sanders wrote in her book, “More Than a Renewal,” I have always felt that the widespread and quality education of the Sisters of Loretto has been a decisive factor in making decisions about our future.” I Am the Way, Loretto’s Constitutions #37 reads, “Our long and vital tradition of teaching takes many forms; we desire to educate others as well as ourselves to truth, beauty, and the ways of peace, in the spirit of Jesus.”

Since 1812 Loretto has worked to foster excellence in each student through academic achievement, spiritual development and service. The Loretto School values of faith, community, justice and respect found in every Loretto high school provide the foundation for students to be powerful agents of change. Did you graduate from a Loretto school? A parish school where Loretto taught? A Loretto-sponsored college where you earned a degree? We hope your story is one of gratitude, wisdom and love.

Loretto stories circle the globe – from 1812 in Kentucky to California, from South America to Canada, from China to Vietnam, from New York and Virginia, to New Mexico and Texas, in Europe and Pakistan. In all those places you will find graduates of a Loretto school or an educational venture taught by Loretto women.                                                                                     

Loretto education is a journey not a destination. This week on Loretto’s Facebook page you will read stories of the Loretto schools and students we honor. The journey of these students will unfold before them in wonderful creative ways. For all Loretto alums and current students, we pray this traditional Loretto prayer:

“We give you glory, thanks and praise.
O bless our works and guide our ways.”


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