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Loretto Speaks Out!

Posted on August 2, 2021, by Loretto Community

“I Am the Way,” Loretto’s Constitutions, #36, requires all Loretto members “to work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us.” 

Loretto throughout its history has stood with the marginalized, those in need and those seeking justice. In carrying out our mission, we follow the signs of the times, which engage us to address the needs of today while pointing us to the future. 

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“We respect the courage of our members to act on their Christian convictions. Although we may not arrive at a common application of the Gospel to any particular issue, we affirm and honor one another’s personal integrity and decisions of conscience in the search for what is just.” (“I Am the Way,” Loretto’s Constitutions, Statute S-2)

Loretto exercises social responsibility. Like Loretto, most religious orders use their financial assets to promote social justice. We employ two different practices. On one hand, Loretto only invests in companies with a solid record of social responsibility; on the other hand Loretto chooses to own shares of companies where exercising proxy as shareholders can help change companies’ positions to promote projects of positive social value.

We in Loretto are prepared to risk further by intentionally growing in awareness of the needs beyond our borders. In keeping the future completely open, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will hear the needs of those we serve, discover where we need to respond and take appropriate action. 

This week on Loretto’s Facebook page you will see stories and examples of Loretto taking a stand for justice. Join us. Pray with us. Follow our commitments online. We are all co-creators of the life of our communities and our world.


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