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Newest co-members bring a spirit of service, share in spirituality & enrich community ties

Posted on February 28, 2020, by Loretto Community

Molly Kammien

Accepted as a co-member on December 8, 2018

Molly with her great aunt Elizabeth Ann Compton SL

Molly has a long history with Loretto. Her great aunt Elizabeth Ann Compton was a Sister of Loretto, her mother Ann Kammien is a co-member, and her grandmother was a graduate of Nerinx High School, a Loretto school. Molly also attended Nerinx, where she gained a keen awareness of social justice and women’s issues, learned of Loretto’s strong sense of community and the importance of independent thinking.
Molly’s strong sense of social justice, her compassion and kindness, and her delightful personality will be long-lived assets to Loretto.
Molly thanks the Loretto Community, especially Community Group 21 and Lisa Reynolds, for endless support in the co-membership process.
Recently married to Connor O’Shea, Molly and Connor live in Brooklyn, New York, where they practice law.

Molly’s heart is so open … it sometimes seems that she would be fragile, but she is the opposite — clear and fierce in knowing the values by which she chooses to live and how those values inform and permeate her life. Molly’s values are unmistakably Loretto’s values, and she has demonstrated her desire to live those values as a committed member of the Loretto Community, a community she has known all her life.

Sally Dunne CoL, formerly Loretto’s UN NGO representative with whom Molly did her internship

Photos by Ann Compton Kammien CoL and Rosa Lizarde CoL

Earna Rae Volk

Accepted as a co-member on March 17, 2019

Earna at her acceptace ceremony with Agnes Ann Schum SL

Earna fell in love with the Sisters of Loretto as soon as she stepped foot on the grounds of the Motherhouse. Her devotion grew from working as a nurse aide into her role as an active co-member. She spoke of Loretto being a Community that has “bonded me to something deeper than I had ever experienced.”

Nancy Wittwer SL and Earna.

Earna has worked as the receptionist for the Motherhouse for almost seven years. She also assists the sisters, taking them shopping, out to eat, helping with their computers, and out to play bingo. “I do anything for them that I can.” One sister commented, “She spends a lot of time just talking with Infirmary residents who come down to visit with her. I have been truly inspired by her compassion and kindness with everyone.”

Born in Lancaster, Kentucky, Earna now lives in Lebanon, Kentucky, with her partner, Kevin Stumph. She has two living siblings, a sister and brother, and a grown son.

Earna with Angela Bianco SL

Earna understands and espouses Loretto values, takes an active role in many events here at the Motherhouse. Her buoyant personality and real care are testaments to who she is.

Earna is a vital part of this Community.

Angela Bianco SL

Photos by Peg Jacobs CoL and Nicole Martinez

Leslee Moore

Accepted as a co-member on June 9, 2019

Leslee is serving as a volunteer in the Loretto Heritage Center. She also serves on the Pakistan Mission Committee and attended the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, sharing her experiences with the Community upon her return. Leslee is the newest editor of Interchange, Loretto’s internal newsletter. She is a familiar visitor at the Loretto Motherhouse on Sundays for Mass and dinner.

Leslee first connected with Loretto in 2016, as she explored various communities. After attending a Loretto retreat in May 2017, she never looked back. “That quiet space deep within me knows this is where I belong. … I have been given so much by this Community that I could never give back enough to properly show my gratitude. The journey that began at the retreat in May of 2017 is a lifelong commitment, a true calling.”

Born in Poughkeepsie, New York, Leslee’s family moved to Lexington, Kentucky, when she was 3 years old. She has lived in central Kentucky since. She attended public school and 11 years of catechism class. Leslee and her husband, David, live in Lexington and have two sons and two grandchildren.

Sylvia Sedillo SL with Leslee at Leslee’s co-member acceptance ceremony

I hope in return I can bring to the Community an energy and a capacity for hard work that can be put to good use.

Leslee Moore CoL

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