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Pakistan Community enriched by new participants

Posted on July 15, 2021, by Nasreen Daniel SL

The purpose of the Come and See program is for the participant to acquaint herself with religious life and the Loretto Community. This includes a study of Loretto’s history, values, spirituality, vows and culture as well as the opportunity to experience community life and ministry within the Loretto Community.

Pakistan ‘Come and See’ Program Outline

Three young women live in our Community in Lahore, Pakistan. On Jan. 30, 2021, Maribah and Iram were formally accepted into the “Come and See” discernment program by Loretto President Barbara Nicholas SL. Currently there is one other woman who lives with us as a welcomed visitor who assists at the school and the convent.

Two women in traditional Pakistani attire stand shoulder to shoulder.
Maribah Ishaq, left, and Iram Naz Patraz
Photo courtesy of Nasreen Daniel SL

Loretto’s mission in Pakistan began in 2009. Loretto President Cathy Mueller SL traveled to Pakistan to help start the program. Bishop Joseph Coutts asked the sisters to take over a school in the outskirts of Faisalabad. While serving in the school we started visiting the slums, meeting with women in the evening discussing issues such as human dignity and anti-discriminatory laws; we shared stories of women from the Bible who were leaders in their own rights. We’ve met young women at the diocesan teachers’ trainings and at the women’s desk interested in the Community and have invited young women to an informal live-in experience of Loretto life.

Maribah and Iram, our first “Come and See” participants, are busy working in the school assisting the sisters and staff, as well as helping at the convent. They participate in classes with the Community outlined in the “Come and See’”Program document. This document, prepared by Barbara and Come and See Director Nasreen Daniel SL, Coordinator Claudia Calzetta SL, Maria Daniel SL and Samina Iqbal SL, outlines topics for study. These include a study of Loretto’s constitutions, the history of Loretto, spirituality, prayer, culture, human development, language skill development and much more. The Pakistan Community will teach topics concerning Loretto life, English, the sacraments, Bible study in Urdu and English, prayer forms, catechetics, the rosary and other religious practices prevalent in religious communities in Pakistan. Members of the broader Loretto Community will assist with selected topics and conduct scheduled Zoom classes with Maribah and Iram. The first class will be a study of “I Am the Way,” Loretto’s constitutions. This study group will meet monthly. Loretto Community members who are part of this study group look forward to sharing the experience with Iram and Maribah.

Maribah Ishaq

A Pakistani woman stands in the front of a classroom.
Miribah Ishaq
Photo courtesy of Nasreen Daniel SL

My name is Maribah Ishaq. My father’s name is Ishaq, and my mother’s name is Catherine. I have only one brother. I have known the Sisters of Loretto since my childhood because two of my aunts, Sisters Nasreen and Maria Daniel, are vowed members of the Sisters of Loretto. Looking at my two aunts I cultivated the desire to be part of the Sisters of Loretto. When I shared with my family about my wish to be a Sister of Loretto, my father said, “You are my only daughter, but if it is your wish I want your happiness; wherever you wish to be, I am with you.”

Living with this Community is an amazing experience to learn about every aspect of life in a different way. I must say thanks to the Loretto Community, who gave me the chance to be part of Loretto.

Miribah has been invited to join Loretto’s “Come and See” program by Loretto President Barbara Nicholas SL. She has a master’s in education.

Iram Naz Patras

My name is Iram Naz Patras. My father’s name is Patras, and my mother’s name is Rukhsana. I have four sisters and three brothers. I expressed my desire to join the Loretto Community and Sister Nasreen, along with Sisters Samina and Maria, visited my family. My whole family was very happy; they were deeply inspired by the humbleness and kindness of the sisters. Sister Nasreen, with the Loretto Community, accepted me and welcomes me. I am very thankful to God and all the sisters. On the 10th of January 2021, I came to the Loretto convent along with my father. I am very happy here, it feels like home. Please remember me in your prayers and be sure of mine.

Iram has been invited to join Loretto’s “Come and See” program by Loretto President Barbara Nicholas SL. She has a bachelor’s in art.

Nasreen Daniel SL, Maria Daniel SL and Samina Iqbal SL visit with Iram, second from left, and family.
Photo courtesy of Nasreen Daniel SL

Donations to our Pakistan fund will supply scholarships and meals.


Nasreen Daniel SL

Nasreen Daniel SL serves in her home country of Pakistan, along with Loretto Sisters Maria Daniel and Samina Iqbal. In 2009, they began Loretto’s Pakistan mission, initially working in Faisalabad. Since then, at the invitation of Bishop Sebastian Francis Shaw, they moved the Loretto mission to Lahore.
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