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Stepping into LoVo’s directorship with a full heart

Posted on November 6, 2020, by Loretto Community

“2020 is a turbulent time to enter a new role, particularly one centered in working for justice and acting for peace. And yet, I feel a sense of grace in the opportunity to rise to the challenges of this time, both in my life and in my work with Loretto.”

“Turbulent times are opportunities for transformation — and I am grateful to participate in that transformation as a part of Loretto and the Volunteer Program,” said program director Annie Rosenkranz.

Annie Rosenkranz
Director, Loretto Volunteer Program

Loretto is grateful for Annie’s resilience and can-do attitude.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Annie is thrilled to find herself rooted in her hometown after living, volunteering and working her way across all seven continents.

She joins the Loretto Volunteer (LoVo) Program after spending the previous seven years working in international initiatives and student services at St. Louis University. She studied political science and global development studies at Grinnell College and has a master’s degree in public administration from St. Louis University.

Annie’s passions lie in travel, food, camping, adventure and nature. Her approach to work and life is rooted in solidarity, growing in community, seeking justice and nurturing relationships. She is thrilled to be a part of the Loretto Community’s work toward justice and actions for peace. She feels her personal and professional values are welcomed, nurtured and cultivated by the Loretto Community and the Volunteer Program.

The Loretto Volunteer Program pairs recent college grads with social justice organizations for a formative year, or more, of service. Through full-time work at non-profit organizations and intentional, communal living, volunteers walk in the footsteps of Loretto Community members. They live out the Community’s mission to work for justice and act for peace.


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