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The high desert of the Southwest, El Paso, Texas, remains home to many Loretto members engaged in education, healthcare and service to those in need. In particular, we join with the local Church in responding to the growing needs of immigrant families.

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El Paso Celebrates Mary Margaret’s Retirement from Villa Maria

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / September 2, 2018 /

For 11 years Mary Margaret Murphy has been the caseworker at Villa Maria in El Paso, accompanying and guiding women through transition from homelessness, addiction, mental illness and incarceration to stability and wellness. As she prepared to retire, Villa Maria gave her a party, and the Rio Grande Catholic came to interview her. Mary Marg…

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Making Movies: Loretto Captures Closings of Three Beloved Locations

By Eleanor Craig SL / June 1, 2018 /

Using high-flying drones, video and still cameras, interviews, photos and documents from the Loretto Heritage Center, Neil Tucker and I have been making movies about the closings of three well-loved Loretto places: the St. Louis Loretto Center, Nazareth Hall in El Paso and the Denver Loretto Center. All three buildings were erected at virtually the…

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Loretto Volunteer Program Expands to El Paso

By Mallory Daily / June 1, 2018 /

Like many a good story, this one starts with an ice storm in Kentucky. Mary Swain was driving us to the Louisville airport. Claudia Calzetta and I woke early on a cold February morning to find our windshields covered with a thick layer of ice, and the roads in most spots didn’t fare any better.…

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A Tribute to Nazareth Living Center

By Loretto Community / May 16, 2018 /

It is with mixed emotions that the Loretto Executive Committee announces that on April 1 the sale of Nazareth Hall was finalized. We honor the many years of service by the Sisters of Loretto as directors, nurses, staff and volunteers at Nazareth. Thanks to all who gave so much of their lives to Nazareth. A…

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Loretto Special Needs Committee Awards 11 Grants, Spring 2018

By Loretto Community / May 1, 2018 /

By Sue Rogers The Loretto Special Needs Committee awarded 11 social change grants to diverse groups who share in Loretto’s commitment to build a culture of peace and justice and serve its struggling neighbors. The committee met by Zoom March 17. Committee members responsible for making decisions about grant awards are Martha Alderson, Angela Bianco,…

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Desperate Times Turn into Heartfelt, Overflowing Gratitude

By Mary Margaret Murphy SL / February 1, 2018 /

Early in 2017, because of funding priority changes, Villa Maria was faced with a $60,000 budget deficit. The pass-through HUD funds that come to the City of El Paso were earmarked for rapid re-housing and not Transition Living Centers (TLC’s) such as Villa Maria. For close to 11 years, Villa Maria has been a safety…

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