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The Community Celebrates Terry Franco

Posted on February 1, 2022, by Mary Margaret Murphy SL

Standing are Terry Franco, Buffy Boesen, Jane German; Seated are Helen Santamaria, Liz Deines, Mary Margaret Murphy
Photo courtesy of Mary Margaret Murphy

“I have always felt that my love for God — my ‘quiet times with God’ came from Loretto. I always felt a connection, but never understood the impact the sisters had on my faith, my confidence in myself, and my ability to find my voice.” Teresa (Terry) Franco wants to use her voice to join with Loretto to address women’s issues, voter rights and act for peace and climate justice. Filled with gratitude for the Loretto Community in her life, on Dec. 22, 2021, Terry made her co-membership commitment, and the El Paso Loretto Community celebrated along with her family. Jane German, Terry’s contact person, planned the beautiful liturgy, celebrated in the Loretto Academy chapel by Ken Ducre.

In her letter addressed to Terry, Barbara Nicholas said, “There is no ‘long distance’ between hearts! In the ways of loving relationships, I am there with you, Terr. …. You have demonstrated a commitment to Loretto values in the ways that you educate the student-learners at Loretto Academy … I think Mary, Ann and Christina would be tickled with your Loretto life in co-membership. I know that we are too.”

Terry was educated from seventh grade through 12th grade at Loretto Academy and recalls how Sister Mary Lee Murphy impacted her life. For 19 years, Terry has been teaching there. She is impacting the lives of her students. Through her teaching, actions and involvements she is planting Loretto Academy’s core values of community, faith, justice and respect deep within her students.

Since I was asked to receive Terry’s commitment on behalf of all the Loretto Community, I proclaimed, “We wholeheartedly rejoice with and because of you, Terry. We are grateful for your commitment. Thank you, as we mutually learn from and support each other in those quiet times with God, mindful of God’s love for us. A love that calls us to accompany and stretch each other to respond with compassionate action as we listen to the cry of the poor and of the earth, and we work for justice and act for peace. Terry, this is truly a day the Lord has made. May our applause be a sign of how much we rejoice and are glad to welcome you, Teresa (Terry) Franco, into the Loretto Community as a Loretto co-member.”

The rejoicing and celebration continued as Terry, her family and the Loretto Community members shared dinner together in the El Convento dining room.


Mary Margaret Murphy SL

Mary Margaret has celebrated over 56 years as a Sister of Loretto. Throughout this time, her presence has been with the Hispanic Community as a teacher, child care director, advocate for the elderly and community organizer. Recently, she resigned after working 12 years as a case manager at a homeless shelter. She was then elected to the Loretto leadership team and became the coordinator of the Loretto Volunteer Program in El Paso, Texas.
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