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What is Emerging?

Posted on May 1, 2021, by Mary Ellen McElroy SL

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In her book, “The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution and the Power of Love,” Ilia Delio speaks of the all-transforming power of love, the source and goal of the evolutionary process. Below are excerpts from her book.* Read very slowly, allowing your heart to see with new eyes.

We invite you to take some quiet time with us to mull over Ilia’s wisdom.

When you/I put on ‘new eyes’ (eyes of the heart), what is it that becomes more clear? How has it been, and how is it now for you and me to open to new and renewing understandings of God? What have you/I needed to let go of? What might you/I be invited to let go of to experience the “new God” that Ilia describes? What excites you? What do you wonder about?

We welcome any response from you. Thank you! Have a joy-filled summer!

*pp. xxv-xxvi, 197-198, 207-209 (used with permission)

Ours is the age of something radically new … an evolution in love …
an evolution that discloses a new God,
where God seeks to evolve, to become more being in love, more conscious,
more God at the heart of the universe,
an immanent-transcendent fullness of love that inspires us to create anew,
a new earth with a new God rising from within.
God’s Love is unmanageable and unruly … it slips in between our controlling urges and dwells in the unbearable wholeness of our being.
It has empowered life from the beginning and promises to stay forever
because love is ever new, ever more whole.
Our challenge today is to stay the course of love in a world that resists love,
fears love, and rejects the cost of love.
The challenge is to go inward and meet, in silence and solitude,
a power no human power can vanquish.
This is divine love that empowers us to go beyond ourselves by imagining and creating a world worthy of love.
This new world is within our reach if we awaken to the power of love within us
as the power to create anew.

– Ilia Delio

Robins nest with three blue Robins eggs
A robin’s nest and eggs at the Motherhouse.
Photo by Donna Mattingly
And the chicks hatch!
Photo by Donna Mattingly
Mary Ellen McElroy SL

Mary Ellen McElroy SL

Mary Ellen McElroy has been a Sister of Loretto since 1958 and currently lives in Denver. She serves on the Loretto Link Board and is a member of the Spirituality/Contemplative Working Group. Mary Ellen is also a member of the Emerging Forms Group. Her latest ministry since 2000 is spiritual direction, which continues to be her favorite. One of her favorite pastimes is conversing with others about things that keep emerging in our lives. Her favorite saying is "It is what it is, and ain't any isser!"
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