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2020 Vision: Seeing Where We Belong

Posted on July 6, 2020, by Loretto Community

The government structure of the Sisters of Loretto is designed to foster the faith life and mission of the congregation.

“I Am the Way,” Loretto Constitutions, #102

The Loretto Assembly is part of the government structure of the Sisters of Loretto. It is a wonderful gathering of the whole Community — Sisters and Co-members — to do the work of Loretto. The Assembly meets almost every year, usually for five days or so, to learn, to share in the mission of Loretto, to renew friendships and to plan the future work we are called to do.

You must all think of what is best for each other and for the community.

1 Thes.5:15

“Show up! You are needed!,” we tell each other as Assembly time draws near. We encourage each other to be present at the gathering and for each other. 

Some might ask of Assemblygoers, why venture into new paths? Why not just take the known road? Why try to hear new questions? Why create more work? And the answer is, why not! For God is always “doing something new.” And we must listen. Why not try new roads? Why not search for new ways to help the people of God?

Trust your steps. Trust each other. These are new roads for new times, and Loretto choses to walk them. Show up! Open our minds and hearts to God and to each other. The primary agent of looking forward is not the individual, it is the Community together.Mary Oliver, writing in On Thy Wondrous Works I Will Meditate, asks, “How many mysteries have you seen in your lifetime?” The question reminds Loretto members that we don’t have all the answers. Sometimes our Assembly engenders more mysteries and questions than we can hold, but that is the call: Plunge right into the mystery of where the Gospel takes us in our time. Do the work and do it together. Lots of people are depending on the work we do at a Loretto Assembly. Loretto’s 2020 Assembly begins July 8 and runs through July 12, with continuing related presentations into September.


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