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Co-Member Lillian Moskeland Celebrates Silver Jubilee

Posted on October 1, 2019, by Mary Peter Bruce SL

Lillian Moskeland

Twenty-five years ago Lillian Bruce Moskeland decided to become part of the Loretto family. She and I then had one more life adventure to add to our ever-growing friendship and sisterhood.

Lillian was 9 years old when I left for the novitiate, and yet we became very good friends over the years. Every time I visited from Bolivia, she managed to spend a few days with our parents and to be with me. Later, John, her husband, joined Loretto and all three of us spent good visits.

John and Lillian hoped to raise many children, however, their first twins were premature and died a day after birth.  Meantime, Lillian began teaching evening classes at the local college and grade school during the day. The next year, they welcomed their daughter Andrea (Andy). The family was small yet the Moskeland home was always full of friends and neighboring children.

A longtime teacher

Lillian is an excellent teacher, sharing her love and values with grade schoolers and kindergartners while she raised Andy. During many moves because of John’s promotions, she taught Spanish and French in high school, and for more than a decade at Louisiana State University, Shreveport (LSU-S). During that time she initiated literacy projects in the local diocese for English as a Second Language classes while also teaching Spanish to Anglo-speakers.

Keeping active in Loretto a priority

Keeping active in Loretto was a priority for Lillian. She was a member of the Investment Committee and is happy to be so again in its present work. At the same time, she accepted to help edit Interchange.  She also served on the Forum for six years. She became first a representative of the Ghana Committee and is now a member. 

Andy and her family reside in Dayton, Ohio, so Lillian retired from LSU-S, and she and John moved to be close to their young grandchildren. Today, the close bonds formed are strong. Just recently they learned they will be great-grandparents to the new generation as they will welcome a girl to the family in February!

Living closer to Nerinx, Ky., Lillian and John became frequent visitors. For me, it has been a joy that our friendship has grown and that everyone in Loretto tells me how much they appreciate her friendship, her active contributions and her support.  May we all continue to be as loving and helpful as she has been. 

She gives energetically of herself to our wonderful Community and to her local communities. Congratulations, Lillian.


Mary Peter Bruce SL

“My life is filled with memories of many beautiful people who taught me to love. There are many happy places where I felt friends and family that cares and encouraged me. Everywhere I found good teachers of life. I have discovered that those who are negative are not happy. Even though it is hard to say “good-bye” every friend is a gift that makes an important part of life. Be it in Mexico, in Colorado, in Texas, in Kentucky, in Bolivia, in France, in New York, in Missouri, in Costa Rica, in Guatemala or Alabama. . . . Friends and family are always near-by. Thank you!”
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  1. Avatar S. M. on February 10, 2024 at 5:12 pm

    Mrs. Moskeland was one of my favorite teachers. She made Spanish class one of the best and brightest experiences of high school for me. She also opened a door for me that became a lifelong love of learning about different cultures and languages. Please pass this onto her and thank her for me. She is remembered.
    -S. (Captain Shreve graduate of ’92)

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