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Good Samaritans: Loretto Members Practice What They Preach!

Posted on July 19, 2021, by Loretto Community

Five women stand behind boxes of donated clothes.
Volunteers at Loretto Motherhouse stand in front of packed bags and boxes of food, toiletries and other items they delivered to the bus station in Louisville for arriving immigrants. From left are Bernie Feeney SL, Aggie Hoormann RSCJ, Alicia Ramirez SL, Barbara Schulte SL and Marlene Spero SL. The past two or so years up until the coronavirus pandemic, Loretto members and friends would meet the 3 p.m. “Sunday Bus” that came from Texas with immigrants who were going to various places in the northeastern United States. Loretto brought them water, something to eat, warm clothes and blankets, and welcomed them.
Photo by Peg Jacobs

Loretto’s Constitutions tell us, “The Spirit of God is not bound. It reveals itself in the lives of everyone. Even as we give to others, we acknowledge our need to learn from those to whom we are sent.”  (“I Am the Way,”  #41)

When we arrive on earth, we don’t come with instructions or a road map. Only over time do we get an inkling of who we are and where we are going. Possibilities open up as we age that call us to something bigger than ourselves. It’s a big decision to decide where to put your interests. The challenge is to find that place that fits with your personal gifts. The Spirit of God is not bound, and if we are listening to that Spirit, we may find clues that help us decide how to spend our time.

Loretto members join the Community with wonderful intentions about their life path. Many fulfill their dreams and educational goals. While accomplishing all that, at the very same time members give of themselves and their precious time to be “good Samaritans” and volunteer in one of the Loretto mission places or they begin an entirely new work based on needs they have seen. Stick a pin on a world map; there’s a good chance we’ve been to that spot or nearby to help others and to learn so much from them in return.

There is something special everyone is called to do for others. What is your gift? What is the longing of your heart? Take a look this week at Loretto’s Facebook page. You will read stories of just a few of the many members who found a new purpose in life as they volunteered in new and joyful ways. Just imagine what they have learned! And just imagine what you might, too, if you did something similar!


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