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Happy Easter! Alleluia! Dance til dawn!

Posted on April 8, 2023, by Loretto Community

Easter message by President of Loretto, Barbara Nicholas SL

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Our faith gives us lots to believe in, and the resurrection of Jesus is the most important and the most amazing!

We hear in the Gospel story of women who went to the tomb where Jesus was laid on Good Friday only to find him gone. What a story!

Women, the bearers of the most important message of the new life of Easter, report, “Jesus is not in the tomb, he is risen.” They were forever changed, and so are we! God’s reign of justice and peace becomes ours.

We are told that some communities in Africa dance all night waiting for the sunrise! Go for it! Dance till dawn surrounded by lilies, new holy water, the tall Easter candle and the whole Christian community.

Pope Francis put it this way in Laudato Si’: “Son of God, Jesus, through you all things were made. You were formed in the womb of Mary, your Mother and ours. You became part of this earth, and you gazed upon this world with human eyes. Today you are alive in every creature in your risen glory.”

Repeating Alleluia, let’s all in the Loretto Community — Sisters, Co-members and Staff — share Easter Greetings with one another, and from our family to all our families.

Easter joy, everyone! Alleluia!

Light from an arched window illuminates a tall crucifix in a church. Spring flower arrangements surround the base of the cross.
The crucifix at the Motherhouse church, bathed in light.
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