“We profess unshakable reliance upon God and human reliance upon one another.” Sometimes together, sometimes alone we speak to our God, who hears our needs and responds in love. Learn about the Faith and Spirituality of Loretto members.

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How does our relationship with Earth affect our spirituality? How does our spirituality affect our relationship with Earth?

By Loretto Community / June 24, 2024 /
A circular photo of the earth from space with the text "We live in complete dependence upon an inescapably interconnected world..." wrapped around it.

But ask the animals, and they will teach you; the birds of the air, and they will tell you; ask the plants of the earth, and they will teach you;…

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Loretto spiritual directors help others notice God’s grace, accept it, celebrate it

By Loretto Community / May 31, 2024 /
Three women pose together for a photo.

There are no unimportant moments in any lifetime. All are precious gifts of opportunity to know and serve the One who made us and continues to call us throughout our…

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Loretto stands with Mary at the cross in compassion, service

By Loretto Community / September 11, 2023 /
Archival photo of a habited nun sculpting the piéta.

We want to recommend a book for you to read. It is titled “Let Your Life Speak” by Parker Palmer. The book is about listening to your heart. Palmer says,…

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Loretto celebrates new life of the Easter season!

By Loretto Community / April 10, 2023 /
Small purple flowers with gold pistils spring up from the woodchips.

At the conclave in 1958 before his election, then Cardinal Angelo Giuseppi Roncalli, said, “We are not here to guard a museum but to cultivate a flourishing garden of life.”…

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Happy Easter! Alleluia! Dance til dawn!

By Loretto Community / April 8, 2023 /
Light from an arched window illuminates a tall crucifix in a church. Spring flower arrangements surround the base of the cross.

Happy Easter, Everyone! Our faith gives us lots to believe in, and the resurrection of Jesus is the most important and the most amazing! We hear in the Gospel story…

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Loretto Outreach fosters connections

By Sandra Hareld CoL / February 19, 2023 /
A smiling group of people, ranging in age from young adults to seniors, pose for a group photo.

By Christina Manweller with Sandra Hareld CoL “How can people be connected to Loretto who share our values?” Sandra Hareld CoL, who has served as Loretto’s Outreach Coordinator for the…

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‘It is Good to Give Thanks to God’ – Happy Thanksgiving from Loretto!

By Loretto Community / November 21, 2022 /
A festive, fall bounty of pumpkins, ears of corn and gourds are arranged on the floor on green, satiny cloth.

It is good to give thanks to our God, to sing praise to God’s name; to proclaim God’s love in the morning and God’s faithfulness at night. Ps.92:1 What are…

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The Sisters of Loretto Share a Kinship With the Earth

By Loretto Community / November 14, 2022 /
A bee feeds on a yellow flower.

An anthropologist looks to a religious community of women in rural Kentucky for scientifically informed lessons in land stewardship. Could they be a model for activists and policymakers to move…

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Saints Just Do It — Aspiring to Proclaim Everywhere the Goodness of God

By Loretto Community / October 31, 2022 /

Jesus returned to the disciples after his resurrection bringing peace. With the gift of the Holy Spirit, Jesus made them and their followers instruments of that peace. As we have…

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The Importance of Mary, Jesus’ mother, to Loretto

By Loretto Community / August 15, 2022 /
A bronze sculpture of a woman looking up and stepping forward with her hands reaching up to the sky. Trees flower behind her.

Hail, daughter of God the Father. Hail, Mother of God the Son.Hail, Spouse of God the Holy Ghost. Hail, Temple of the Blessed Trinity. Excerpt from morning prayer used at…

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My Journey with WATER

By Catherine (Kitty) Madden CoL / June 1, 2022 /
A book cover, detailing the author, title, and an abstract background with blue and purple designs.

It all began with a simple request from Kathleen Tighe, “We would love to have you join the Outreach Committee team that helps prepare the quarterly Zoom rituals for the…

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Standing on the Shoulders of the Ones Who Came Before Us

By Mary Nelle Gage SL / June 1, 2022 /
7 men and women, gathered for prayer, in the autumn.

On April 25 we gathered in the Loretto Heights cemetery in Denver to celebrate Loretto’s Foundation Day and honor “the ones who came before us.” Attendees included several sisters of…

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