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Honoring Veterans

Posted on November 10, 2022, by Mary Ann McGivern SL

Photo by Benjamin Faust on Unsplash

About 10 years ago Paulette Peterson, who directed the Queens Vet Center for combat veterans, asked me if I said anything to my two veteran brothers on Veterans Day. It was a whole new thought to me. I had opposed the Vietnam War and my brothers did not go to war willingly. They seldom talk about what they experienced there, though one of them once said he thinks about Vietnam every day, still. So each year on Veterans Day, I email a short note to them. Here are some samples:

  • Thank you, dear brother, for your willingness, back when you were 19 years old, to serve your country. You made a sacrifice bigger than you could have imagined. I am sorry our country waged war, but I’m grateful for you and for your readiness to serve.
  • Blessed Veterans Day. I’m remembering you.
  • Dear Brother, I am so grateful for you on this Veterans Day. I am grateful for your generosity. 

If you know a veteran, take the time to send them a quick note this Friday, Nov. 11. I’m sure it will be appreciated. 


Mary Ann McGivern SL

Mary Ann recently moved from St. Louis to the Loretto Motherhouse in Kentucky. She is searching for entry points into Marian County, Ky., civic life — funding the day care center, improving jail services, helping stop a pipeline through Bernheim Forest. She is on the roster of homilists at Loretto Chapel’s Sunday Communion service. Mary Ann has been a Sister of Loretto since 1960.
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