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Leadership of Loretto presidents guides Community ever forward

Posted on February 19, 2024, by Loretto Community

Five recent Loretto presidents pose for a photo.
In good company: past Loretto presidents Mary Catherine Rabbitt SL, Pearl McGivney SL, Marian McAvoy SL, Maureen McCormack SL and Cathy Mueller SL gather for a photo.
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Hurray! Congratulations! Thank you!

In every Election Assembly that Loretto experiences, applause and cheers ring out following the election of a president. The work of the Holy Spirit woven into the hearts and minds of the Sister voters has decided that this woman will serve the Loretto Community for the next four years as president. She serves as leader, listener, servant, prayer facilitator, organizational director, communicator and loving support to us all. She begins a time of grace, asking God’s blessing on the work that lies ahead, and on the Community that she now leads. I Am the Way, the Constitutions of the Sisters of Loretto, tells us that “the President provides leadership and a focus of unity fostering the life and mission of the Congregation.” (#118)

Loretto has had very well-known presidents and ones who work quietly and hardly anyone outside the Community knew their name. We are grateful for all of them, no matter their style of leadership. Recent presidents all built on the work of the General Chapter of 1964 when Loretto Sister Mary Luke Tobin “opened the doors of invitation and the doors of opportunity welcoming all of Loretto into what would become a period of profound change.” Recent leaders from 1960 to today that you may have heard of or met in addition to Mary Luke are Helen Sanders SL, Mary Ann Coyle SL, Maureen McCormack SL, Marian McAvoy SL, Mary Catherine Rabbitt SL, Catherine Mueller SL, Pearl McGivney SL and our current president Barbara Nicholas SL.

Everyone in Loretto understands: We have the Spirit of God, the spirit of our presidents, past and present, and the spirit of our founders, along with each other, to guide us. Loretto moves forward, heart and soul, because of the leadership of Loretto presidents and the work they have done. We are grateful.

With Presidents’ Day Feb. 19, we thought this the perfect week to highlight our presidents of Loretto on our Facebook page.


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