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Loretto celebrates 211 years of community life, serving others

Posted on April 24, 2023, by Loretto Community

The Community members waving
Loretto Community members gather and wave in celebration on Loretto’s 200th anniversary.
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Tracing ancestors has become a wonderful adventure for many families. Maps can fill a dining room table, with lines connecting each generation and often names of people family members have never met. Remembrances and stories shared, some even true, can be told from generation to generation. It’s a fun activity and often a surprise activity as a picture and a relationship come to life as never before.

The members of the Sisters of Loretto/Loretto Community remember as far back as we can, and honor on April 25 every year the wonderful, spirit-filled women who began Loretto more than two centuries ago. Just like in your family, some of the old photos are getting faded and many memories forgotten. But we will never forget their spirit, their commitment to the Gospel and their courage. Come visit Loretto Motherhouse in Kentucky where you can read the stories of our Loretto family. The Loretto Heritage Center includes both an archive and a museum where the 211-year history of the Sisters of Loretto and the 40-year history of the Loretto Community are documented in paper, artifacts and richly interpretive exhibits. You will be most welcome. Read the stories there and you will know the grace of God that came and comes to so many through the works of Loretto Sisters and Co-members.

The Loretto story calls us to live according to our Constitutions, I Am the Way. It calls us all to mission and to the truth of the Gospel. Early Loretto members lived a life of prayer. They were in tune with what God called them to do. Much like your ancestors, they searched for a holy and happy life. We think our ancestors found it in their community life and mission work. We ask the early Sisters to bless us from heaven and to keep all of Loretto open to the ways we can help the entirety of God’s creation. Join us in thanksgiving for our ancestors, for they have shown all of us the courage and wisdom needed as we say yes to the call of God.

Join with us this week on Loretto’s Facebook page as we honor Loretto’s past, present and future during our 2023 Foundation Day/Week celebration!


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We are Sisters and Co-members who strive to bring the healing spirit of God into our world.
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Loretto welcomes you

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