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Reflection on the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted on September 18, 2022, by Maria Visse SL

Always the question: “As I consider the readings in today’s liturgy, what do they say for me now?” 

As you know the Encyclical Letter from Pope Francis, Laudato Si’, has become an important guide post for the Loretto Community as we attempt to envision our future growth as well as our day-to-day living at this time.

This pope is a prophet for our times, an individual that has the intelligence to express a whole. He has a way of expressing, in words and actions, a convergence of theology, current science and philosophy that is developing into a long-term plan of action.

Kind of like the debt-burdened employee, “prudent with dealing with their own generation.” There is a human-generated problem: We have a debt to be repaid, and time is running out. Interesting suggestion: “I tell you, make friends for yourselves with dishonest wealth, so that when it fails, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.” Take time to know well the mindset of those that continue the irresponsible misuse of global resources. 

“We have to accept that technological products are not neutral, for they create a framework which ends up conditioning lifestyles and shaping social possibilities along the lines dictated by the interests of certain powerful groups. Decisions that may seem purely instrumental are in reality decisions about the kind of society we want to build.” (Laudato Si’, #107)

 Time is running out. 

Laudato Si’ is the plan of action for repaying this debt we have. We all have a role to play. Each of us will have to choose some “dishonest wealth” that we eliminate from our daily budget.

You know, sometimes when I reflect on the life and teaching of Jesus, I feel like one of those people in the Gospel standing on the side of the road, waiting for Jesus, calling out for help, waiting, waiting: “Come on Jesus, I need you to help.” Well, there is help. But it isn’t just given. It comes, for me, as I join with others today, to make Laudato Si’ come alive in all our lives. 

The Loretto Community, with the valuable assistance of Jessie (Rathburn), is an important part of the network of those that have made a  commitment to the global effort to realize repayment of the debt we have incurred.

It seems to me that the readings in today’s liturgy reflect the ongoing, ever present, tension of the common good being overrun by the simple fact that “you cannot serve both God and mammon.” “You cannot serve two masters.” 

May the Creator of all beauty and goodness be with us as we journey forward.


Maria Visse SL

Maria, a member of the Sisters of Loretto since 1955, served as the Loretto Motherhouse Service Coordinator for many years. Among her many other works, she served as a labor and delivery nurse. In 2017, she and Kay Carlew SL spent a month in Ghana visiting with and observing the work of the Daughters of the Most Blessed Trinity, one of Loretto’s sister communities. A gifted singer and musician, Maria often may be found leading the congregation in song.