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These are reflections given by Loretto members at a variety of services.

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Reflection on the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Mary Swain SL / July 21, 2024 /

Mark 6:30-34 Earlier in this chapter of Mark’s Gospel Jesus sends out the twelve, two-by-two as we heard from Mary Ann McGivern last Sunday, giving them authority over unclean spirits.…

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Reflection on the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / July 14, 2024 /
Two monarch butterflies sit atop a red flower.

Prophecy in Scripture means telling the truth, not telling the future. And the kind of truth-telling none of us like comes from people we think are not as good as…

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Reflection on the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Eileen Custy SL / June 30, 2024 /
crop woman with heart on palms

Today’s focus is on faith and courage. We need both. There are two miracles in Mark’s Gospel for today, two of four that explore the power of Jesus during this…

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Reflection on the 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Johanna Brian SL / June 16, 2024 /
A woman in a sunhat, sun glasses and shorts leans in with a smile over a burgeoning garden.

Our Gospel today fits right in with the harmony and décor of the zoom meeting we had on Friday. It also reminds us once again of the essential and dynamic…

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Reflection on the 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / June 9, 2024 /

Pity the poor snake. The other scriptural account of creation says God saw it, and it was good. It seems that Scripture writers had their own opinions and prejudices, not…

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Reflection on the Feast of Corpus Christi

By Eleanor Craig SL / June 2, 2024 /
Pencil sketch of Little Loretto in Harding Creek, KY

Isaiah 25     1 Corinthians       Matthew 25 Seeking Home—Corpus Christi—Mystical Body You probably noticed: This morning’s readings are not those from the lectionary; I chose them…

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Reflection on the Feast of the Holy Trinity

By Eileen Custy SL / May 26, 2024 /
Young FST sisters smiling wearing green squiggly Trinity cloth, which forms part of a habit.

A gypsy man stopped at a well in a town square for a drink. After he drank he continued gazing into the well as if he was looking down at…

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Reflection on Pentecost Sunday

By Agnes Ann Schum SL / May 19, 2024 /

(Editor’s note: This is a joint reflection by Agnes Ann and Mary Nelson CoL.) Do you think there was really a noise like a strong wind at this first outpouring…

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Monday Starter: Sisters join other Catholics in letter to stop US weapons to Israel

By Loretto Community / May 14, 2024 /

Published by Global Sisters Report on May 4, 2024 More than 150 sisters, along with organizations that represent them, have signed a letter urging a halt of U.S. arms shipments to…

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Reflection on the Seventh Sunday of Easter

By Kathy Wright SL / May 12, 2024 /
Two women hold hands in prayer, while others reflect

When I read the first reading, my thoughts turned to upcoming elections, both ours and those taking place here in the U.S. in November. It is interesting to look at…

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The Ascension of the Lord

By Mary Swain SL / May 9, 2024 /

Acts 1:1-11, Eph. 1:17-23, Mark 16:15-20 Editor’s note: The Solemnity of the Ascension will be observed Sunday, May 12, in the Louisville Archdiocese. The feast was transferred to that date…

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Reflection on the Sixth Sunday of Easter

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / May 5, 2024 /

At the Catholic Worker at Mass we took turns preparing a homily. One day the homilist forgot, and so she said, “The Gospel speaks for itself.” Well, yes, and this…

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