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These are reflections given by Loretto members at a variety of services.

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Reflection on the Fourth Sunday of Easter

By Agnes Ann Schum SL / May 8, 2022 /

In last Sunday’s Gospel John told of Jesus directing the disciples to fish from the other side of the boat, which resulted in a great haul.  He instructed Peter to…

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Reflection on the Third Sunday of Easter

By Eileen Custy SL / May 1, 2022 /

As we come up on this third Sunday after Easter, we can see that Jesus has appeared several times after his death – first to Mary Magdalen and the women…

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Reflection on the Second Sunday of Easter

By Johanna Brian SL / April 24, 2022 /

  The readings for today continue our 50-day celebration of Easter.  When I taught English in El Paso, Sister Emmanuel Tonne, who was a master teacher, taught me the ingredients…

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Reflection on the Easter Vigil

By Eleanor Craig SL / April 16, 2022 /

Romans 6:3-11   Luke 24:1-12 Blind night surrounds us in our long vigil.  We gather in the dusk to recall both the darkness of the womb and the darkness of…

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Where Are You Standing this Holy Week?

By Loretto Community / April 11, 2022 /
Woden crucifix with two palms crossed behind Christ

On Palm Sunday, Jesus enters Jerusalem on a colt, not with spears hoisted against him, but with palm branches waving; not with soldiers accompanying him, but with crowds chanting “Hosanna…

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Reflection on Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

By Mary Swain SL / April 11, 2022 /

In today’s Gospel reading Jesus sends two of his disciples off to get a colt in the nearby village.  He and his disciples were heading to Jerusalem.  Many people were…

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Praying for Ukraine

By Mary Margaret Murphy SL / April 11, 2022 /

As members of the Loretto Community, we stand at the foot of the cross with the suffering people of Ukraine. In our individual, unique way may we be united in offering our collective prayers, sacrifices and sufferings…

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Reflection on the Fifth Sunday of Lent

By Eileen Custy SL / April 3, 2022 /
Two women embrace.

When I agreed to prepare this homily, I did so without looking at the readings. I was very happy when I saw that the Gospel story was one of my…

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Reflection on the Fourth Sunday of Lent

By Kathy Wright SL / March 27, 2022 /
Watercolor heart

In the second reading we have a strong reminder that things have changed with the coming of Jesus in human form. We are told “… the old things have passed…

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Reflection on the Third Sunday of Lent

By Sue Rogers SL / March 20, 2022 /

I like the Samaritan woman. And I like Jesus as she encountered him.  I like Jesus’ interactions with the women of the Gospels. They reveal Jesus as very human, deeply…

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Reflection on the Second Sunday of Lent

By Eleanor Craig SL / March 13, 2022 /

Genesis 15:5-18      Philippians 3:20-4:1      Luke 9:28b-36 In these days of war and mounting danger, I find it difficult to know how to pray, for whom and…

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Reflection on the First Sunday of Lent

By Mary Swain SL / March 6, 2022 /
Watercolor heart

Luke 4:1-13 Today’s Gospel begins where the Gospel from several weeks ago ended.  Back in January we celebrated the feast of Jesus’ baptism. The Holy Spirit had descended upon him, looking…

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