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Reflection on the Second Sunday of Easter

Posted on April 19, 2020, by Maria Visse SL

Today we join the disciples gathered together, doors locked, afraid of the Jews, not at all sure of what would come next. The disciples were accustomed to the presence of Jesus.  And here they were.  I imagine that they were talking about what to do next. What now?

They had felt the deep truth, the wisdom of the parables he shared with them and the crowds that would gather around to listen to him.  Then their daily routine had changed so quickly. The crowds turned against Jesus, then the crucifixion, the burial.

And now just as quickly he was there. “Peace be to you,” a greeting of encouragement, of support.  According to the Gospels Jesus continued to appear on occasion giving encouragement and support.

Well, looking back, we know what happened next.   The reading from the Acts of the Apostles describes a community that came together daily, sharing the teaching of Jesus, They gathered to break bread in their homes. As I thought about the readings in today’s liturgy, I felt a connection with the early disciples.   Especially those gathered in that locked room. This was a very stressful time.

 These women and men had during their association with Jesus come to a new understanding of the nature of God.  They were helped to take a new look at the God described in the traditional religious teaching of the Jewish religion.  As I prepared this homily I felt like the disciples as they wondered “What now?”

 You all know we have had a couple of “What now?” events. First it was the abrupt departure of a priest. Then the virus, a big change in daily life of the community. The absence of the daily celebration of Mass.

This Motherhouse Community is very resourceful.  In our Community prayer life we have continued to gather to pray using texts written for communion services.

As I thought about our prayer life, I could feel an early Pentecost moment.  I’ve been listening, and I can also feel the breath of the Spirit in among us.  We are creative, literate, spiritual individuals.  Communally orientated, ready to share, and write down liturgical texts for our community prayer.  Celebrating the presence of Jesus alive in our midst.

“No obstacle can ever keep Christ from being present to us and among us.  Indeed so long as the memory of Jesus, who gave himself entirely to God and entirely to us, lives among us by the power of the Holy Spirit, so too does the grace of the Eucharist.”


Maria Visse SL

Maria, a member of the Sisters of Loretto since 1955, served as the Loretto Motherhouse Service Coordinator for many years. Among her many other works, she served as a labor and delivery nurse. In 2017, she and Kay Carlew SL spent a month in Ghana visiting with and observing the work of the Daughters of the Most Blessed Trinity, one of Loretto’s sister communities. A gifted singer and musician, Maria often may be found leading the congregation in song.