Advent is a season of light. The lighting of the Advent wreath candles during the four weeks of the Advent season reminds us of our closeness to Jesus, the light of God and gift of the Father. Learn about the Faith and Spirituality of Loretto members.

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Advent at Loretto: Sacred words surround us — be ready, listen, pray

By Loretto Community / December 4, 2023 /
Hand lighting an Advent wreath

Remember those little calendars every Advent that when you opened the doors for each day of December a short message would appear? Those calendars may have helped some little ones…

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Christmas blessings from Loretto!

By Loretto Community / December 19, 2022 /
The sun sets over pond surrounded by snowy ground and snow-crusted trees.

The O Antiphons, proclamations of the prophets of Israel, bring Advent to a close, lead us to God and tell us the names of God as told through the Old…

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Loretto Shines Light on Former Loretto Volunteers This Advent

By Loretto Community / December 12, 2022 /
A young woman in a white baseball cap stands in front of a tall stone chapel with a rose window above the arch of the door. She leans on a carved stone sign that reads "Loretto."

Advent is an invitation time. We are invited to take time during these winter days to see where we are. We are not talking about Christmas shopping! We are talking…

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Loretto Wishes You Joy of Heart This Advent: Veni, Veni Emmanuel!

By Loretto Community / December 5, 2022 /

Most Roman Catholic churches do not read the Entrance Antiphon anymore because we are singing instead! But this year the message sets the tone for the Advent we need. It…

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The Advent Season: ’In the beginning was the Word’

By Loretto Community / December 6, 2021 /
The sunrise puts the landscape into profile at Baden Pond at the Loretto Motherhouse.

“In the beginning was the Word.” Those timeless words begin the Gospel of John. Imagine God at home in us! What a mystery, and what a gift!  For four short…

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Rejoice! Rejoice! Jesus Is Born, and All Creation Sings!

By Loretto Community / December 21, 2020 /

“O” Antiphon: “O Messiah, Promised One of the Jews, you have given us the mysteries of God and taught us the way of your Kingdom. When someone knocks you give…

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Hope: The Very Heart of Loretto’s Mission

By Loretto Community / December 14, 2020 /

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 61:1 tells us, “The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me; God has sent me to bring glad…

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Loretto Responds ‘Yes’ to God’s Invitation in Keeping with Mary’s Example

By Loretto Community / December 7, 2020 /

The title “Friends of Mary” is an apt one for this season of Advent. The Virgin Mary is for Loretto a central figure in the Advent story. Mary’s “yes” to…

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Season of Advent Leads All to the Christ Child, Our Long-Awaited Messiah

By Loretto Community / November 30, 2020 /

Creating an Advent wreath is an act of Advent hope. It starts small, but quickly overtakes us: a light in the darkness, a transformative cry for hope in our world…

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Advent Reflections 2019 – 12/22/2019

By Loretto Community / December 22, 2019 /

Week Four – Noticing: To Live Our Moment Fully A spirituality of noticing will move us to the small meaningful acts of compassion that restore hope. Then we will join…

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Advent Reflections 2019 – 12/15/2019

By Loretto Community / December 15, 2019 /

Week Three – Memory: To Trust Our Prophetic Call The quest for the future must begin by remembering. To understand the future we need to take time to remember. “Remember”…

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Reflection: Second Sunday of Advent

By Elaine Prevallet SL / December 8, 2019 /

   Today’s readings are a beautiful, powerful, appropriate challenge to begin our  Advent season. Today we hear promise of a Savior – one who embodies a Spirit of wisdom and…

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