As Friends of Mary at the Foot of the Cross, we are called to care for Earth in its pain, to celebrate its beauty, and to create space for its healing. Recognizing our role as one of interdependent partnership with all Creation has been part of Loretto’s mission throughout our history. We reaffirmed our commitment to resist systems and conditions that violate Earth and all species in 2018, calling ourselves to “significantly mitigate our impact on climate change and ecological degradation.” We invite any who are interested to join with us on this journey of ecological conversion. Learn more about our mission to protect Earth.

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Could Loretto’s Mission Extend to a Woodland Burial Place?

By Loretto Community / November 1, 2016 /
Sunlit woods.

By Cecily Jones Could the desire of some Loretto Community members for a nature (“green”) burial in the Motherhouse woods develop into a new aspect of Loretto’s mission of reaching…

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LEN Retreat — Saving the Planet Bit by Bit

By Loretto Community / October 1, 2016 /
Women working and conversing together across a table for registration.

By Cathy Hartrich (Editor’s Note: Cathy Hartrich is a member of Loretto Circle, St. Louis, and serves as chairwoman of the theology department at Nerinx Hall High School.) What an…

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I Love Mountains Day 2014

By Loretto Community / February 24, 2014 /

By Molly Butler Interchange Online Loretto rallied among the hundreds of Earth-loving Kentuckians and friends that mobilized on February 12th for the ninth annual “I Love Mountains Day.” It was…

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