Mindful of the call of the universal Church, Loretto extended its Community to Pakistan. Pakistani women entered the Community and continue Loretto’s global mission of service there. Learn more about our Pakistan Mission.

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Khush Amdeed! Welcome!

By Claudia Calzetta SL / November 1, 2019 /
Five women wearing headscarves standing together in a line holding candles while looking towards the camera. They are standing in a room with white walls, a large dark book shelf, and bright blue curtains covering a window.

Khush Amdeed! Welcome! These words spoken by Barbara Nicholas began a meaningful prayer service that welcomed four eager and confident women to Loretto’s first Come and See program — the…

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Loretto Sisters Host Discernment Retreat in Lahore

By Nasreen Daniel SL / September 1, 2019 /
Nine women sitting together enjoying a meal at cafeteria-style benches and tables indoors on a sunny day.

Six young women from outside Lahore and ten teachers from our school joined the Loretto sisters for a three-day discernment retreat. The first day began with these questions: Why am…

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Pakistan Sisters Share Vegetables, Love Through Garden Bounty

By Nasreen Daniel SL / September 1, 2019 /
Two women smiling while preoccupied with harvesting leafy greens in an outdoor garden on a sunny day.

Every year we grow different vegetables and share them with our neighbors. Last year when I was at the Motherhouse, Nancy Wittwer very generously offered to help me to buy…

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In Pakistan, Solar Is Life-Giving

By Samina Iqbal SL / July 1, 2019 /
Three women wearing colorful patterned head scarves smiling together while sitting on a couch in a room with light green walls.

Life in Pakistan is not easy for women. The majority of Pakistan’s women belong to the working class as agricultural laborers, factory workers, domestic servants and governesses.  They are part…

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Nerinx Alum, Skype Enable Conversations With Pakistan

By Helen Santamaria SL / June 1, 2019 /
8 women sitting together in a living room on three couches in a u formation. They are wearing colorful cultural clothing, and some are wearing head scarves.

 “I thought that it was so awesome that a Sister of Loretto from Pakistan was speaking at my school!” That was Nerinx Hall senior Sarah Ruttencutter’s opening response to how…

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Exciting Beginnings for San Antonio Sister-Schools — Rolling Hills Catholic School/Antonian Middle School and St. Anthony, Lahore, Pakistan

By Mary Ann Lovett SL / June 1, 2019 /
A woman wearing Pakistani attire smiling brightly in a classroom next to a collage wall of Pakistani appreciation.

(Editor’s Note: This article is an update to the initial article in the December 2018 issue of Interchange. It gives us a view of the great progress the sister-schools in…

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A Picture Speaks Volumes!

By Loretto Community / March 1, 2019 /
13 individuals wearing business clothes smiling together for a group picture on the outdoor front steps of a building.

March 16 Nasreen Daniel and other representatives of the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) in Pakistan will convene for its annual meeting. Nasreen, the only woman on the NCEC, is…

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Loretto Academy Hosts Annual Nun Run

By Loretto Community / March 1, 2019 /
Two nuns and a man and woman wearing neon yellow shirt, white baseball caps, and sunglasses smiling together for a group picture outdoors while holding a large white sign with black lettering that says: Welcome to Nun Run!

The senior class at Loretto Academy in El Paso sponsored the Nun Run Feb. 2. The Nun Run has become an annual event to raise money for the Loretto Pakistan…

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Sister Schools — From San Antonio to Greentown

By Mary Ann Lovett SL / February 1, 2019 /
A young boy in a school uniform holding a paper lantern globe on stage with a teacher wearing a dress with a microphone talking to a crowd of young students with a projector and cross in the background indicating a religious school stage.

My work as the coordinator of extended day programs at Rolling Hills Catholic School and Antonian Middle School in San Antonio is a position to love and for which you…

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Nasreen Daniel Offers Thanks from Pakistan to Loretto Schools

By Nasreen Daniel SL / December 1, 2018 /
A woman teaching children sitting on the floor in a classroom.

It had always been my desire to visit our Loretto schools in the United States and thank each person personally for their sensitivity to the needs of those who are…

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Death of a ‘Twin’

By Nasreen Daniel SL / September 1, 2018 /
Four women wearing white robes smiling together for a group picture while sitting in a dark room on the floor.

What a blessing and honor for us to participate in the wake and the life celebration in a Mass at the Motherhouse of Elaine Satterwhite. How kind of Elaine’s nephew,…

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A Visit to WaterStep in Louisville

By Mary E. (Buffy) Boesen SL / September 1, 2018 /
Two women smiling together inside a swimming pool pump room with various equipment, pipes, and tubes.

This past July 6, Maria Daniel, Kathy Wright, Barbara Nicholas, Kathleen Corbett, Jane German and Buffy Boesen met with WaterStep in Louisville. WaterStep developed the water filtration system that the…

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