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Black History Month Docuseries

Posted on February 8, 2023, by Byron Plumley CoL

A group of people in winter coats smiling while attending a march.
Loretto Community and friends at the 2023 MLK Marade in Denver.
From left, Catherine Hupp, Sheila Carpin, Pat McCormick, Magdalena McCloskey, Anna Koop, Regina Drey, Christina Garcia and an SMA dad holding the sign.
Photo courtesy of Regina Drey

It was so great to see the Loretto presence at the Martin Luther King Jr. Marade in Denver. Thanks to Pat McCormick for her consistent effort to rally folks, and special thanks to St. Mary’s Academy for being there.  In support of critical race theory, Black Lives Matter and Black History Month, the Loretto Peace Committee recommends two video series that reflect the history of the African American struggle in the United States.

Eyes on the Prize presents 14 episodes in two parts: “The American Civil Rights Years 1954-1965” and “America at the Racial Crossroads 1965–1985.” It is the most comprehensive historical visual account of the civil rights movement that I know of, and I have used episodes in my peace and justice studies classes for many years.

The 1619 Project” was first offered as a collection of essays by Nikole Hannah-Jones in the New York Times Magazine, then as a book, and now Hulu has introduced a six-part docuseries. Each part reflects the reality of the Black experience in the United States. After reading the “1619 Project” I look forward to the Hulu series to see how they have captured the themes such as voting rights or the wealth gap, and how the issues relate to the experience of slavery and segregation.

If you are able, please join the Peace Committee in watching these video series. Let the midweek mission know your thoughts at [email protected]


Byron Plumley CoL

Byron was a friend of Loretto in Denver for many years. He became a co-member in 2015 and serves on the Peace Committee. The commitment of Loretto to work for justice and act for peace is the guiding principle for his involvement. He now lives in Iowa with his wife, Shirley Whiteside.
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