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Loretto & Earth

By Christina Manweller / July 13, 2021 /

‘… I looked to Earth to teach me, to show me her ways of caring, creating, protecting and letting go.’ Jessie Rathburn CoL in her eco-autobiography Step by step for…

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Loretto Advocacy: ‘Because the Gospel Urges Us’

By Loretto Community / July 9, 2021 /
Colorful artwork with the text "We work for justice and act for peace." A white dove carrying an olive branch in its mouth is below. Art by Bob Strobridge.

Loretto’s Constitutions give us the foundational words for the work of Loretto in today’s world. Article 36 is straightforward and clear: “We work for justice and act for peace because…

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Spotlight Video: Wren Smith, Loretto co-member and naturalist

By Loretto Community / July 7, 2021 /

Wren Smith speaks with awe of the natural world. Interpretive Programs Manager at Bernheim Forest and Arboretum in Clermont, Ky., she has been intrigued by the natural world from childhood,…

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Loretto: Committed to Ensuring the Common Good for All

By Loretto Community / July 5, 2021 /
The seal of the Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross - Deus Providebit

The Fourth of July, our nation’s Independence Day, has been a federal holiday since 1941, but the custom of celebrating it goes all the way back to the American Revolution.…

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Introducing Tosha Phonix – EVOLVE

By Libby Comeaux CoL / July 1, 2021 /
A woman, Tosha Phonix, with short brown hair smiling brightly for a portrait picture wearing big hoop earrings, a white and dark blue striped jumpsuit and a dark blue cardigan sitting outdoors on a wooden picnic table with trees and greenery in the background.

When the Franciscan Sisters of Mary (FSMs) introduced me to Tosha Phonix at the Pallottine Center in St. Louis, I quickly realized that she is a person with the background…

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Bringing Peace

By Mary Swain SL / July 1, 2021 /
A book cover featuring a man with short grey hair and glasses playing a banjo and smiling with the title in bold white letters: What Belongs to God by David Edwards. The book is displayed standing on a rock in front of large white flowers and greenery.

David Edwards was a college student during the Vietnam War, planning to continue his studies in the seminary. He was thus exempt from the draft that threatened so many young…

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Loretto Community Supports Women’s Rights Over the Decades: From Beijing to #GenerationEquality

By Beth Blissman CoL / July 1, 2021 /
Five women smiling together for a group picture indoors, they are all wearing lanyard with large photo ID's.

For many years, the Loretto Community has championed the rights of women and girls all around the world. Loretto has had a presence at all four of the United Nations…

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What is Emerging?

By Mary Ellen McElroy SL / July 1, 2021 /
Pink and purple butterfly graphic for Interchange What is Emerging?

An experience that seems to have re-emerged in recent history is that of “seeing with new eyes, with eyes of the heart.” Actually, the mystics of all ages have experienced…

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Micah McCabe, a Female Prophet and Tobin Award Winner

By Anna Koop SL / July 1, 2021 /
A woman with long brown hair, wearing a blue dress with white detailing and assorted bracelets smiling with a man and woman in dress clothes while displaying a polished wood and glass trophy at an outdoor award ceremony on a sunny day.

It was a beautiful day on May 19 when we gathered on the hill in front of Holy Family High School in Denver. Family, friends, administration and faculty of the…

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Projects from the Heritage Center

By Ayla Toussaint / July 1, 2021 /
The front of a brick building with white french doors, an arched window, and the name plaque: Loretto Heritage Center featuring a vintage-inspired logo of a drawing of an old building. Stairs and a handrail are leading up to the doors and the photo features green leafy branches around the perimeter of the picture.

Although the Heritage Center has been closed to the public for over a year, the center’s staff still has been moving forward with several projects. Throughout this month, a traveling…

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Renewed Life at Cedars of Peace

By Susan Classen CoL / July 1, 2021 /
The ruminants of a wooden shed with a metal roof that had been destroyed in a tornado in a densely forested area.

On May 4 around 8:15 p.m., a narrow band of straight-line wind tore through Cedars of Peace with tornado-like force. Heeding the last-minute tornado warning, JoAnn Gates and I were…

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Loretto Circles Offer Welcoming Way To Get To Know Loretto

By Loretto Community / June 28, 2021 /
Women sitting in meeting chairs talk and laugh together.

Circles are easily seen in pizzas and bicycle wheels, even birthday cakes! Circle images are in prose and poetry and in all kinds of other imagery. Through the years Loretto…

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