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‘Expecting All from God’s Goodness’

Posted on September 13, 2021, by Loretto Community

Two women hold hands in prayer, while others reflect
In prayer at a 2016 Loretto Community gathering on trust in El Paso are clockwise, from left Loretto members Liz Deines SL, Jacqueline Diego CoL, Irma Avila SL and Elisa Rodriguez SL.

To describe Loretto spirituality, a person would need to create a big canvas. On the canvas would be the photo of every member, the places where Loretto members do mission, rooms where meetings are held and conversations shared and most of all, the tables where Communion is celebrated. Our tables of faith, friendship, collaboration and shared wisdom are portable. We take them wherever we go. Integral to those tables is the grace God has given Loretto for 209 years.

I Am the Way (IATW), Loretto Constitutions, #17, reads, “Belonging to this community of persons who believe in Jesus Christ and who believe in one another supports and strengthens the faith of each of us.”  

And IATW, #7, says, “We continue to extend the boundaries of learning and justice, of human dignity and peace, of active faith and pastoral concern through works of education and efforts on behalf of the poor.”  

To name Loretto spirituality is simply to say that we in Loretto pay attention to, as stated in Century of Change, “the ways the Holy Spirit works in the depths of her or his own spirit – in prayer, contemplation, inner work and in listening to the needs of the world all around us, ready to participate in bringing the healing spirit of God into our world. As the horizons of our world continue to widen, Loretto spirituality continues to shape itself to embrace the signs of the times.”

A man joyfully receives communion from a woman
From left, Eldon Shields CoL receives Holy Communion from Vicki Schwartz SL at a Community Mass. Standing beside Eldon is Loretto Co-member Brian Hammond.

Loretto Community

We are Sisters and Co-members who strive to bring the healing spirit of God into our world.
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