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Fifth Intercommunity Collaborative Leadership Development Program Will Begin This Year

Posted on February 1, 2017, by Maureen O'Connell SL

Kathy Baldwin-Heitman

“Far and away, the CLDP program has been the best professional and personal development program I have ever engaged in. Not only has it allowed me to more fully understand myself and the leadership style I have employed for so many years, it has challenged me to grow toward the kind of leader the world needs going forward.” — Kathy Baldwin-Heitman

Rosa Lizarde

In the last five years, four Loretto vowed members and co-members (Kathy Baldwin-Heitman, Rosa Lizarde, Lisa Reynolds and Natalie Wing) have participated in a leadership program for members under 60 created by a collaborative of seven religious communities called the Leadership Collaborative (LC). Loretto has been one of those communities from the beginning. LC’s mission reads, “The LC is a working group of women’s religious congregations and organizations committed to developing the capacity for transformational leadership among women religious, their associates and the ministry partners now and into the future.”

Out of the LC came the Collaborative Leadership Development Program (CLDP), an 18-month intensive leadership program that includes three residential weeks, monthly webinars, coaches and mentors for participants and numerous other resources. The program is open to vowed and co-members/associates who apply through their own community and are recommended by their community to participate in CLDP.

Natalie Wing

“The CLDP was an energizing experience that was rich in relationship with age-mates from different congregations and different countries. Over the course of 18 months, the trust and support that we gave to each other led us to deepened and strengthened relationships of solidarity. I most appreciated the intensity and honesty of our sharing as we faced into common concerns of our shared reality.” — Natalie Wing

The LC has secured funding for a fifth CLDP to begin in August. Loretto will send out application material about this opportunity to all Loretto vowed and co-members under 60 years old very soon, along with a deadline to submit an application to Loretto. Final deadline for Loretto sending applications to CLDP for its review is April 1.

Besides CLDP, the Leadership Collaborative sponsors post-training experiences — alumnae gatherings for CLDP alumnae, regional gatherings and other resources. A second alumnae gathering will be held in Chicago May 25-29.

Lisa Reynolds

“I loved my 18 months in CLDP! I learned that there is a large cadre of thinkers, innovators, faith leaders and even business people who understand the importance of collaborative leadership as a way to help provide the creativity, visionary thinking and participation required to address the challenging issues we are facing whether in our communities or in the world. Additionally, I developed relationships with wonderful women from other communities who have the spirit of collaboration in their bones.” — Lisa Reynolds

So, members under 60, watch for information about CLDP 5 coming to you soon!


Maureen O'Connell SL

Maureen lives in Jacksboro, Tenn., volunteers with a number of social justice and cultural groups in the area, is on several Loretto committees and boards, and grows a great vegetable garden!
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