Journey to Jubilee 2012

In 2012, the Loretto Community is celebrating the 200th Jubilee of the order’s foundation. This year, we honor our legacy of work in education, justice and peace. Please join us.

Celebrate With Us

We invite you into the Loretto family to celebrate our 200th anniversary with us. Here are just a few ways to participate:

  • Join us at an event! They are ongoing throughout 2012 around the country.
  • Read up on our Loretto history — including a series of articles being printed this year in the El Paso Times.
  • Read or share your Loretto memory. The Loretto Stories blog is collecting memories from alumnae of our schools. Read up – or share your own!

  • Call to Jubilee 2012

    Grateful for our shared life of faith in a loving God, we will …
    … assist one another in embracing the gospel and living according to its spirit and teachings;*
    … live gently and lovingly with one another in good times and bad, listening deeply and speaking honestly, without rancor or disrespect;
    … live and work collaboratively in trust of one another, accepting and respecting differences among us with generous and open hearts;
    … practice a spirit of peace in our war-torn world. Continue reading…