Kathleen Corbett Celebrates 50 Years in Loretto

By Mary E. (Buffy) Boesen

Kathleen Corbett

Surrounded by Loretto Community members, friends from her parish and friends from Holy Cross Catholic School where she teaches and has taught for five years, Kathleen Corbett celebrated her 50th Jubilee as a Sister of Loretto.

The celebration took place Aug. 19 at the 5:30 p.m. Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Las Cruces, N.M. After Mass Kathleen shared these remarks:

“For me this is a celebration of God’s faithfulness. Through every experience, the beautiful Providence of God has been at work in unexpected ways, wonderful surprises, lasting joy deeper than all disappointments and difficulties, orchestrating the events of these 50 years. The call to serve as a Sister of Loretto is a gift that has been filled with grace, a mystery of love, a priceless treausre, a life I wouldn’t trade – and, I believe that the best is yet to come!”

After the Mass, more than 200 people gathered in the church community center. The “pasqualies” – those who prepare food for special occasions, and fundraisers – served a delicious meal followed by three cakes to commemorate this event. It was a fitting tribute to a wonderful woman for her years of service these past 50 years.

Mmm, Mmm Good! – Here is one of the three delicious cakes served at Kathleen Corbett’s Jubilee celebration.
(Photo courtesy of Mary E. “Buffy” Boesen)

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