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Loretto celebrates our 2023 Jubilarians!

Posted on June 12, 2023, by Loretto Community

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Loretto celebrates the Jubilarians of 75 years, 70 and 65! We offer these Sisters our love and prayers. We have watched the journey of the Jubilarians. They walk in joy, in faith, in mystery and grace. Their call, no matter how many years, does not come to an end but is always beginning. Their companion on the journey is the Holy Spirit who inspires their deep hope and their service.

This week on Facebook Loretto celebrates its following members, with a nod to the words of our priest- ounder, Father Charles Nerinckx: “Only trust your vocation, expecting all from God’s goodness.”

Celebrate with Loretto the life commitment of Loretto members Claudia Calzetta, Eleanor Craig, Maureen O’Connell, Magdalena McCloskey, Edward Sakurai, Vivian Doremus, Patricia Hennessy and Peg Jacobs — Sisters and Co-members who have walked the Loretto way for 60, 50 and 25 years. All of Loretto offers a prayer of  thanksgiving for them and asks the blessing of God upon them and their ministry. We all shout, “Congratulations!”

We love you and thank you for all you have given in service to God’s people. I Am the Way, Loretto’s Constitutions, tells us, “We rely with hope on the Spirit of life whose power at work within us is able to do more than we can ask or imagine.” (Article #71)

75th, Diamond Jubilee

Sister Cabrini Bartolo SL 

70th Jubilee

Sister Johanna Brian SL 
Sister Patricia Frueh SL 
Sister Mary Quayhagen SL 
Sister Anthony Mary Sartorius SL 

65th Jubilee

Sister Mary Ellen McElroy SL
Sister Judith Marie Popp SL

60th Jubilee

Sister Claudia Calzetta SL 
Sister Eleanor Craig SL 
Sister Maureen O’Connell SL 

50th, Golden Jubilee

Magdalena McCloskey CoL
Edward Sakurai CoL

25th, Silver Jubilee

Vivian Doremus CoL
Patricia Hennessy CoL  
Peg Jacobs CoL

You can read profiles of each of our wonderful Jubilarians here.


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  1. Avatar Louis Santiago on January 18, 2024 at 11:36 am

    I respectfully love what the SOL (Sisters of Loretto) have created to harvest the love and respect the Sisters sow and continue to cultivate; in what may respectfully appear within a world gone mad at times. I certainly thank my parents for giving me the good foundation I had as a Cub Scout, altar boy in Catholic grade school; married 17 years old; and marriage to the same woman for 53 years; two children and three grandchildren.

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