Each member of the Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross is “co-responsible for creating a community which is beneficial for all; for maturing in adult faith and effective ministry,..; and for making use of opportunities which add new depth to our formation in Christ.” Learn more about the Sisters of Loretto.

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Pearl McGivney SL

By Loretto Community / October 11, 2020 /

Editor’s Note: The following remembrance was prepared by Loretto Co-member Mercy Sister Alicia Zapata and Vicki Schwartz SL. It contains excerpts from Pearl’s autobiography, along with contributions from Mary Jean Friel CoL, Marian McAvoy SL and Marlene Spero SL. A recording of her funeral may be viewed here. In her autobiography written in 1980 Pearl…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Maureen (formerly Sister Ann Maureen) McCormack SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / September 24, 2020 /

Maureen Frances McCormack was born in St. Louis, the third of four daughters born to John Clement McCormack of Waukon, Iowa, and Ozzara Deluhery of Los Angeles. Maureen’s older sisters, Janet and Jean, were twins barely a year older than Maureen; their youngest sister Mary Beth arrived six years after Maureen. Although Maureen was baptized…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Susan Carol McDonald SL

By Mary Louise Denny SL / September 23, 2020 /

(What follows is the reflection, “The Susan I Have Known,” as told to Mary Louise Denny SL “over the years.”) For some 30 years I have been blessed knowing Susan. And the Susan I knew was a complicated and incredibly simple woman. The Susan I knew was witty, tender, artistic and terribly, terribly honest. Susan…

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Loretto Honors Members Celebrating 75, 50 and 25 Years of Service as Sisters or Co-Members

By Loretto Community / September 13, 2020 /
Grid of the 11 2020 jubilarians

“When we let the Spirit lead us it is impossible to know where we are being led. All we know, all we can believe, all we can hope is that we are going home. That wherever the Spirit takes us is where we live.” — American writer Alice Walker In 2020, Loretto Jubilarians celebrate important…

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Remembrance of the Life of Maureen Smith CoL

By Loretto Community / September 5, 2020 /

The following is Maureen Smith’s autobiography, dated Sept. 7, 2018: I was born and lived, until moving to the Loretto Motherhouse, in my family home in Schenectady, N.Y. On my 87th birthday, my niece gave me my Dad’s diary, which was stored in a box with other family treasures since the death of my Sister…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Dolores Kelledy SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / August 30, 2020 /

The first words of Dolores Kelledy’s 1976 autobiography go right to the heart of the matter: “I became interested in the Sisters of Loretto while attending elementary school in the Sacred Heart Parish. The Lorettines there portrayed such a friendly spirit, both in the convent and in the school, that I choose to become one…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Mary Peter Bruce SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / August 6, 2020 /

Mary Peter Bruce was the eldest daughter of James H. Bruce and Dolores Novoa, known as Lola.  They named her Dolores Patricia and called her Patsy. She had three siblings, Lillian, Jimmy and Johnny, many cousins in Mexico and in the United States, plus Celia, a young girl whose mother had died, Mary Peter said,…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Mary Frances (formerly Sister Margaret Mary) Lottes SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / July 31, 2020 /

Mary Frances Lottes was born into what she describes as “a secure and happy life in a large family during the Depression years.”  She was the fourth child of Arthur and Roberta Lottes, with Helen, Arthur, and Richard before her and Marge, Paul and Robert after her.  Her father was born in St. Mary, Mo.,…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Nancy Finneran SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / April 25, 2020 /

In Granite City, Ill., at the height of the Depression, Martin Joseph Finneran and his wife Fannie Price Finneran welcomed their fifth and final child and named her Nancy Jane.  Before the end of the hard times the family had relocated to St. Louis, where Nancy attended kindergarten at Dozier School in the West End,…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Kay Carlew SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / March 11, 2020 /

Sister Kay Carlew wrote a brief introduction of herself for Loretto Magazine at the time of her Golden Jubilee in 2011.  We’ll start there but be warned: Kay left out many of the good parts, some of which I have added at the end, but most of which I leave to you —  Loretto members,…

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Your Presence Gives Me Untold Joy

By Claudia Calzetta SL / February 1, 2020 /

When I sat down to write this article, I just couldn’t decide how to begin. There are so many “themes” that can be expanded about Roberta’s latest experience with jaw cancer. Shall I talk about the courage she exhibited before the surgery and then after? Or maybe speak about her upbeat and positive spirit, her…

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Loretto students learn about life in Pakistan

By Mary Helen Sandoval CoL / November 5, 2019 /

Nasreen Daniel, Samina Iqbal and Maria Daniel, three Loretto sisters living in Lahore, Pakistan, were asked by the local bishop to take over operations at St. Anthony’s School, which teaches children from preschool through eighth grade. The students, Christian and Muslim, come from the neighborhoods surrounding the area where our sisters live, called Green Town.…

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