Each member of the Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross is “co-responsible for creating a community which is beneficial for all; for maturing in adult faith and effective ministry,..; and for making use of opportunities which add new depth to our formation in Christ.” Learn more about the Sisters of Loretto.

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Imagine a new future

By JoAnn Gates / April 24, 2022 /

By JoAnn Gates CoL and Cathy Mueller SL What lens can we find together to imagine and to work our way into a hopeful, peaceful future? Elaine Prevallet SL Sister…

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Catholic Sisters Week: Common Faith in Christ Unites Women Religious

By Loretto Community / March 7, 2022 /
Three women smile in front of a wall of historical photos

In 1967, Sister Mary Luke Tobin, then Superior General of the Sisters of Loretto, wrote the Community a letter explaining the new Constitutions – I Am the Way. All of…

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Love Is the Way!

By Loretto Community / February 14, 2022 /
Watercolor heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! Loretto sends a Valentine to you!                            There is only one message from God to us, and here it is: “I love…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Angela Mary (formerly Sister Stephen Mary) Murphy SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / January 16, 2022 /

Angela Mary Murphy was born in Sterling, Ill., the daughter of Stephen Andrew Murphy and Genevieve Angela Potts.  Angie was very proud that her great grandfather, Henry Potts, was a…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Ann (formerly Sister Ann Maurice) Barrett SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / December 13, 2021 /

Sister Ann Barrett wrote a brief account of her family life in 1976.  We recognize in these two paragraphs her lifelong love for her family and place of origin, an…

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Flames of love and commitment burn on after war

By Loretto Community / December 8, 2021 /
Two women, one Vietnamese and one White, embrace and smile for the camera.

Standing with the adoptees … now grown By Mary Louise Denny SL There is often a deeply rooted need for a sense of belonging. Susan Carol McDonald SL knew this…

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A life lived for the sake of the other

By Christina Manweller / December 8, 2021 /
A woman cradles a dozing infant in this archival photo.

In May 1973, 28-year-old Susan Carol McDonald SL arrived in Vietnam to work with Rosemary Taylor, an Australian nurse who had been caring for orphans and arranging for their adoptions…

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A miracle meeting brings sweet tears

By Christina Manweller / December 7, 2021 /
Three men and two women stand together, smiling, for the photographer.

1973, Saigon, Vietnam, New Haven Nursery The newborn was dropped off at New Haven Nursery where Susan Carol McDonald SL was the director. She logged the baby into her register,…

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Vietnam: answering the call

By Mary Nelle Gage SL / December 7, 2021 /
Three women, one holding a baby stand in a doorway in this black and white archival photo.

‘Get your passport, get your shots; I need help.’ Susan Carol McDonald SL to Mary Nelle Gage SL in June 1973 The Vietnam War gave rise to thousands of orphans.…

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In Remembrance: Loretto Honors All Saints and All Souls

By Loretto Community / November 1, 2021 /
An angel and a cross are profiled in front of the setting sun.

“I Am the Way,” Loretto’s Constitutions, tells us that the same Spirit who inspired and guided our founders gathers us in community today. We walk with all those “Friends of…

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Loretto and the Farm Worker Ministry: Standing Together for 50 Years!

By Loretto Community / September 27, 2021 /
Three women lean in for a photo together at a celebration

What was on your dinner table this evening? Perhaps you enjoyed strawberries or lettuce, tomatoes, chilies, soybean products, cherries, corn, carrots, potatoes, avocados, beets and more, all representative of God’s…

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‘Expecting All from God’s Goodness’

By Loretto Community / September 13, 2021 /
Two women hold hands in prayer, while others reflect

To describe Loretto spirituality, a person would need to create a big canvas. On the canvas would be the photo of every member, the places where Loretto members do mission,…

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