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‘Gentlemen, if you take the house, you will have to take the sisters also!’

By Loretto Community / August 1, 2022 /
Photo of road sign reading "Pancratia St" with historic Pancratia Hall in the background

With the discovery of gold on the banks of Cherry Creek in Denver in 1864, the Sisters of Loretto in Santa Fe, N.M., were asked by Father Joseph Projectus Machebeuf…

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Loretto Roots: Loretto’s Involvement with Enslaved Persons and Educating Indigenous Children

By Loretto Community / July 26, 2022 /
Colorful banner featuring these words from Unamuno's quote "to remain silent is to lie." Banner by Robert Strobridge CoL

We cannot go back, we can only go forward,in a cyclical manner.” Kylan Jacobs, Osage Nation Loretto President Barbara Nicholas SL assigned Annie Stevens SL and Libby Comeaux CoL a…

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Loretto Members Share Talents, Enriching Lives of Others & Themselves

By Loretto Community / July 22, 2022 /
A woman in a sunhat, sun glasses and shorts leans in with a smile over a burgeoning garden.

The love of God prompts the choices we make as members of Loretto. This love is experienced in us as an action of grace to which we personally respond. “Each…

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Sisters of Loretto continue to educate, even beyond the grave

By Loretto Community / July 22, 2022 /
Fourteen men and women pose in front of the Loretto Heights Cemetery, with the large white crucifix and gravestones visible in the background.

Now that the remains of all 62 Sisters of Loretto have been exhumed from Loretto Heights Cemetery, Loretto leadership recently gave permission to Lauren Hosek, Ph.D., to conduct an analysis…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Evelyn (formerly Sister Evelyn Marie) Houlihan SL

By Loretto Community / July 16, 2022 /
A woman with short curly white hair and glasses wearing a bright green sweater and black stud earrings smiling for a headshot picture indoors.

(Editor’s Note: The following is the autobiography of Sister Evelyn Houlihan SL. It has been slightly edited by Eleanor Craig SL. Sister Evelyn died July 16 at Loretto Motherhouse Infirmary in…

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Bringing Sisters Back Together: Loretto Begins Exhumation of Sisters Buried in Loretto Heights Cemetery

By Loretto Community / July 6, 2022 /
A rusted and dirt crusted rosary is displayed in outstretched hands.

Five years ago, with the announcement of the pending sale of the Loretto Heights campus, Loretto began prayerful and thoughtful research into how the Community could best ensure the perpetual…

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Nasreen Daniel SL is standing tall in Pakistan with the Loretto Community’s support

By Nasreen Daniel SL / July 5, 2022 /

When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the child leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and exclaimed with a loud cry, “Blessed are you among women,…

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Loretto in Bolivia: Planting seeds for compassionate change

By Christina Manweller / July 1, 2022 /
Archival photo of a three story building with gabeled wings at both ends of the building.

“We are in the city of La Paz, Bolivia, in a beautiful valley with an imposing mountain, the Illimani, which is the guardian of the city and at the same…

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Buffy Boesen SL, longtime president of Loretto Academy in El Paso, passes the baton to Academy graduate

By Loretto Community / July 1, 2022 /
Buffy Boesen SL

The goodness I have experienced here is a font of endless joy and energy for me. Mary E. “Buffy” Boesen For more than 22 years Mary E. “Buffy” Boesen SL…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Marian (formerly Sister Marian Joseph) McAvoy SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / June 30, 2022 /
A woman with short blonde hair and glasses smiling softly for a headshot picture in a dimly lit room wearing stud earrings and a grey jacket.

Loretto Sister Marian (formerly Sister Marian Joseph) McAvoy died June 30 at Loretto Motherhouse Infirmary in Nerinx, Ky., in the company of many of the Community. Marian would have been…

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Carrying seeds of love to Peru & Chile

By Loretto Community / June 30, 2022 /
A nun in habit poses for a photo with a Chilean family in this archival photo

In 1964, two years after Colegio Loretto opened in La Paz, Bolivia, a Loretto house opened in Tacna, a city in the Andean foothills of southern Peru. In these photos,…

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Loretto Jubilarians: Faithful to the Gospel & Dedicated to Loving God’s People (Part 2)

By Loretto Community / June 24, 2022 /
List of names of people celebrating jubilees in 2022

How we spend our days is, after all, how we spend our lives. Annie Dillard The Gospel text for Sunday, June 26, tells the story of the disciples of Jesus…

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