Girls’ Rights

Loretto at the UN recognizes the distinct group of girls (the girl-child) as separate from women. We affirm girls’ right to a healthy environment, care, and equal education. We address the rights of girls around the world, and recognize that with increasing disasters due to climate, girls are affected first and worst.

Working Group on Girls logo - green circle almost surrounding a child stick figure holding the hand of an adult stick figure

We are very proud to be members of the Working Group on Girls, where we are dedicated to promoting the human rights of the girl-child and providing a space for their voices. WGG was created out of the Beijing platform for action. 

Our involvement in WGG involves creating programming for CSW and drafting a statement to provide to the UN negotiation team. We also help host the annual International Day of the Girl event on October 11th and monitor member states (i.e. nation states) a part of CSW during the High Level Political Forum to track their policies towards the girl-child.

The most unique step Loretto at the UN takes to support the rights of girls is taking them to the UN and CSW. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Loretto at the UN invited high school students to come to the UN Headquarters during CSW to learn about the international organization and the progressing rights of women and girls. We are exploring hybrid and in-person models as we move into a post-pandemic future.

Six girls/women sit on a bench with onoe woman laying across their laps
Students from Nerinx Hall High School attend CSW63 (2019) with Rep. Beth Blissman and consultant Esther Chang.
Photo courtesy of Beth Blissman