Remembrance of the Life of Sister Jeannette Marie Donnelly SL

A woman smiling for a headshot, sitting in a chair, with short white hair, and round wire glasses, wearing a bright blue blazer, and a white shirt.

April 27, 1922 – April 9, 2014

Sister Jeannette Marie Donnelly was very proud of her origins: She told the archives that she was born on the family ranch at Running Water, near Springfield SD, on or near the ranch her mother’s grand parents settled in the 1850s. Baptized Catherine Jeannette, she was the third of four children of James Edward Donnelly and Bertha Emma Moon. Before 1928 the family moved to the southeast, where Catherine Jeannette bounced from one grade school to another in Florida and Alabama. Relatives in New Mexico invited Catherine and her two older sisters, Lavonne and Ruth, to Las Cruces in 1935, so they could attend Loretto Academy.

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