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From time to time, Loretto issues public statements. These statements reflect the Community’s mission to “work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us.” We advocate at the local, state, national and global level on policies in keeping with this mission, and we invite you to join us in this important work. Learn more about the Loretto Community.

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Leadership of Loretto & Five Other Women Religious Congregations Call for Preserving Peace, Democracy in Ukraine & U.S. 

By Loretto Community / March 22, 2022 /

We, the undersigned leadership of women religious, walk in solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are suffering from the invasion by Russian forces. Vladimir Putin is attacking democracy in Ukraine with military might…

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Loretto Joins Laudato Si’ Action Platform, Commits to Journey Toward Integral Ecology

By Loretto Community / October 1, 2021 /

The Loretto Community Forum announced Oct. 1 its endorsement of the Loretto Community Groups’ enthusiastic agreement to express the Community’s participation in the Laudato Si’ Action Platform when it is…

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Loretto Signs Afghanistan Support Letter

By Loretto Community / August 31, 2021 /
Colorful artwork with the text "We work for justice and act for peace." Art by Bob Strobridge.

Loretto President Sister Barbara Nicholas signed this letter today, Aug. 31. It calls for the protection of Afghan women, the establishment of a U.N. instrument (UNSCR 1325) to set an…

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Join Loretto in supporting the passage of the ERA

By Loretto Community / August 5, 2021 /
Close-up of the faces of two women, cheek to cheek. Overlaid text reads "Our faith affirms women's humanity to be equally valuable to men's. Our laws should too. Sign the Interfaith statment for the ERA Today. Justice Revival, #Faith4ERA, justicerevival.org

Loretto leadership recently reaffirmed its commitment to the passage of the ERA and is inviting all to consider signing on to the Interfaith Statement for the ERA. Loretto is working…

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Loretto Affirms, Joins LCWR & NBSC on Statement Protecting Sacred Right To Vote

By Loretto Community / May 6, 2021 /
Colorful artwork with the text "We work for justice and act for peace." Art by Bob Strobridge.

The Loretto Community affirms and joins the following statement from LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) and the National Black Sisters Conference (NBSC): LCWR has endorsed the national John Lewis Voting…

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Loretto Supports Joint Statement of NBSC, LCWR on Conviction of Derek Chauvin

By Loretto Community / April 23, 2021 /
Colorful artwork with the text "We work for justice and act for peace." Art by Bob Strobridge.

The Loretto Community supports the joint statement below issued today, April 23, from the National Black Sisters’ Conference (NBSC) and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) in response to…

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Loretto Decries Killings in Atlanta, Stands With Asian Americans & Calls for Action on Gun-Control Bill

By Loretto Community / March 19, 2021 /
Colorful artwork with the text "We work for justice and act for peace." Art by Bob Strobridge.

The Loretto Community joins with all those mourning the recent killing by a white male in Atlanta of eight people, six of whom were Asian women. This horrible tragedy touches…

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Loretto Stands with, Commits to LGBT Youth/Persons

By Loretto Community / March 8, 2021 /

Loretto President Barbara Nicholas, on behalf of the Sisters of Loretto/Loretto Community, joined with other women religious congregations in Kentucky to sign a statement making public their support for LGBT…

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Loretto Joins with Other Congregations in Signing Statement in Support of ‘God Is On Your Side’ and LGBT Youth

By Loretto Community / February 9, 2021 /
Colorful artwork with the text "We work for justice and act for peace." A white dove carrying an olive branch in its mouth is below. Art by Bob Strobridge.

We support the recent statement, “God Is On Your Side,” by 12 U.S. Catholic Bishops in support of at-risk LGBT youth and the work of the Tyler Clementi Foundation. We…

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Loretto Joins With LCWR Statement on Violence in DC

By Loretto Community / January 7, 2021 /
The logo for the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR)

As members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Loretto stands with the other more than 1,300 leaders of Catholic sisters nationwide as we make this statement: The Leadership Conference…

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Sept. 23 Grand Jury Decision in Breonna Taylor Case Leaves Loretto, Other Louisville Area Congregations with ‘Feelings of Great Sadness and Injustice’

By Loretto Community / September 23, 2020 /
Colorful Strobridge banner reading "We Work for Justice and Act for Peace."

The Sisters of Loretto/Loretto Community joined with the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and the Leadership Team of the Dominican Sisters of Peace to release…

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Loretto Calls for Fundamental Reform to Racist System in U.S. that Targets People of Color

By Loretto Community / June 1, 2020 /

Racism is the original and persistent sin of the United States.  Unarmed black people are killed by police authorities and armed members of the public.  Say their names:  George Floyd,…

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