A History Mystery

Framed oil painting by Frans Floris the Elder

Back in January, the Heritage Center staff were asked about an oil painting of the Epiphany that hangs in the Motherhouse Infirmary. This work, showing the three Magi visiting the…

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Dorothy Day and Loretto

An older woman, with a cane propped behind her, stacks pebbles on the log on which she sits, while the toddler next to her watches.

By Kathleen DeSutter Jordan Perhaps the deepest and most inspiring connection between Loretto and the Catholic Worker was the profound respect and deep friendship between Dorothy and Mary Luke. Kathleen…

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Imagine a new future

By JoAnn Gates CoL and Cathy Mueller SL What lens can we find together to imagine and to work our way into a hopeful, peaceful future? Elaine Prevallet SL Sister…

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