Latin America/Caribbean Committee

Loretto’s Latin America/Caribbean Committee raises the community’s awareness of injustices and human rights abuses which exist in these countries and which are often due to U.S. unjust policies and influences. We understand that underlying causes of these injustices are due to greed, corruption and exploitation by multinational corporations.

Because of the critical need of reform of the U.S. immigration policy which affects the Latin American and Caribbean peoples, this committee has made work for comprehensive immigration reform a major focus in recent years.

Historically the committee has a Loretto representative on the Board of the National Farmworker Ministry.

Immigrant Justice Action Week 2017 info may be found here.

Opening prayer video can be viewed here.

The Border Experience
Every year, the Latin America and Caribbean Committee coordinates a Border Experience trip for Loretto members and friends – to experience and engage the social and political issues on the United States/Mexico border.

“The Real Death Valley” 
A documentary examining the intolerable journey of migrants to the U.S.

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