We celebrate our Jubilarians’ faithfulness – to their vows, to their commitment to the Loretto Community, to the people of God and to one another. Each of their lives is a reflection of Loretto’s mission: “We work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us.” Learn more about the Loretto Community.

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Genevieve Cavanaugh: ‘Inspiration to All’

By Liz Perez SL / June 1, 2019 /
Two women pictured candidly, one woman is sitting and smiling, leaning forward placing her hand on the shoulder of her friend sitting in front of her. The friend in front is smiling and tilting her head to hear what her friend behind her has to say.

In my brief interview with Genevieve, she told me she was taught by the Sisters of Loretto in Kansas City, Mo., throughout all of grade school and high school.  (Eleanor…

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Mary Katherine Hammett Celebrates Her 75th Jubilee

By Loretto Community / June 1, 2019 /
A woman with short grey hair and wire-framed glasses smiling while sitting in a beige recliner chair with a bald man crouched next to her smiling for the picture with her.

(Editor’s Note: The following are remarks on Mary Katherine Hammett given April 25, 2019, at the Motherhouse by her niece, Jane Hammett O’Gorman.) By Jane Hammett O’Gorman Mary Katherine’s younger…

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Mary Nelle Celebrates 50 Golden Years With Gratitude

By Cathy Mueller SL / September 1, 2018 /
Two women smiling brightly for a picture together indoors with their heads touching.

Mary Nelle Gage is celebrating 50 years as a Sister of Loretto. When asked about her life in Loretto, her response is one of gratitude for the many opportunities that…

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Mary Denis Bruck, Mary Kenneth Lewis Celebrate 75th Jubilee

By Mary Peter Bruce SL / June 1, 2018 /
Two women with short grey hair and wire-framed glasses smiling brightly for a picture while sitting together in dress clothes indoors. They are wearing matching red rose and white flower boutonnières.

April 25 the Loretto Community celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Mary Denis Bruck and Mary Kenneth Lewis with a Mass and special dinner at the Motherhouse. At dinner in the…

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Kathleen Corbett Celebrates 50 Years in Loretto

By Mary E. (Buffy) Boesen SL / October 1, 2017 /
A woman with short white hair and wire-framed glasses smiling brightly for a headshot picture inside a church.

Surrounded by Loretto Community members, friends from her parish and friends from Holy Cross Catholic School where she teaches and has taught for five years, Kathleen Corbett celebrated her 50th…

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Jubilee Reflection: A Little Story About a Lifetime Commitment

By Kim Klein CoL / February 1, 2017 /
Short-haired woman in pink collared shirt smiling for a head shot in front of greenery.

Here is a little summary of what I hope I said at my Jubilee after telling the story of meeting Loretto through Vicki Quatmann and making my commitment at Jeannine…

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