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Loretto Circles Revolve Around Spirit, Values of Loretto Community

Posted on August 30, 2020, by Loretto Community

The Loretto Circle was started in 2009, when the Loretto Assembly approved a resolution for the Circle as a way for individuals to connect with Loretto without needing to make a vowed or co-membership commitment. Circles are an informal affiliation of individuals who want to come together with Loretto Community members to learn more about Loretto history, mission, values and spirituality through components that may include studies of Loretto written materials, retreats, spirituality discussions, peace and justice activities, and other mission-related opportunities. Circles meet on a regular basis, either in person or online. (Note: Due to the COVID-19 virus, all Circles are meeting online at this time.)

Seen here attending a spring Nerinx Circle gathering by Zoom are Ashley Bailey, Jen Staed, Sharon Brien, Ann Kammien CoL, Sarah Hoeynck, Cece Campbell, Martha Alderson CoL, Jane Kosash, Carol Devanny, Roberta Hudlow SL, Michael Bartz, Sylviane Bonino, Beth Buchek and Ashley Shaughnessy.

Loretto Outreach became involved with the Loretto Circle to carry on the work that had been initiated by Loretto Co-members Martha Alderson and Barbara Mecker. The goals of the Loretto Circle dovetailed nicely with that of Loretto Outreach, as Circles are one way to extend the spirit and values of the Loretto Community.

Currently, there are three Loretto Circles: One is based out of St. Louis (Nerinx Circle, the group is starting its sixth year), one based out of Lexington, Ky. (Lexington Circle, starting its second year), and one that draws members from throughout the United States (Spiral Sisters Circle, starting its fourth year). Outreach is hoping to develop one or two more Circles this fall.

Ways for Circle Members to Connect With the Loretto Community

  • Subscribe below to the monthly Circle newsletter
  • Participate in Loretto spiritual retreats (two-three opportunities/year). Our next retreat will be online during Advent (Dec. 12)
  • Take part in online programs on peace, justice and sustainability issues 
  • Join in direct actions for peace and justice supported by Loretto
  • Get involved with a Loretto network (Loretto Earth Network, Loretto Women’s Network)
  • Receive Loretto publication(s)
  • Participate in online celebrations of the changing seasons (offered quarterly)

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