Lenten Peace Calendar 2013

The Loretto Peace Committee invites you to use the forty days of Lent to contemplate, discuss, and act for peace.
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March 25 Monday of Holy Week
“Respect for law is important at the human level, but in God’s eyes, what matters is not the law itself but the human heart. Jesus invites the accusers to examine their own hearts. And the gospel invites each of us to examine how and why we turn in judgment upon our neighbors — in public or privately…. God’s love and forgiveness are always available; but the human community has to mediate that love.”
Elaine Prevallet, 1998, Loretto Life
March 26 Tuesday
Write a Thank You to someone who has worked for peace.
March 27 Wednesday
Reflect: More than 2000 people have been killed by guns since the 27 deaths at Sandy Hook School in Newtown. Killing is easy. What can I do today to bring goodness and kindness to someone I find hard to love.
March 28 Holy Thursday
Spend five minutes reflecting on how the United States could become more peaceful.
March 29 Good Friday
Listen to and practice a Loving Kindness meditation (27 minutes). Cultivate love for yourself and all beings everywhere.
Available online here
March 30 Holy Saturday
Write the governor of your state and ask for action on guns similar to the state of New York.
Governor Contact Information
March 31 Easter Sunday
We are porous, each seeping into the other. Action: Rejoice.

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