Immigrants and Refugees

Loretto strongly advocates for the needs of our neighbors and holds a special place in its heart for immigrants, migrants and refugees. We join with the universal Church is seeing the goodness of all people and welcome all with open arms. We tell the story of the immigrant to all who will listen and speak up on behalf of human life. Learn about our Justice and Peace work.

Loretto Co-members Lead Group on Border Journey

By Loretto Community / May 1, 2018 / 0 Comments

By Amanda Koehler Schutz Editor’s Note: Amanda Koehler Schutz is a friend of Loretto in Minneapolis. Just days before our “Welcome the Stranger” delegation departed for our U.S./Mexico border trip, Simone Campbell challenged us while speaking to our church, St. Joan of Arc in Minneapolis. Simone asked us to learn from each other and share…

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Negotiation of Compacts This Year at United Nations

By Loretto Community / April 1, 2018 / 0 Comments

By Mary Louise Pabello Editor’s Note: Mary Louise is a returning Loretto Volunteer now working as NGO U.N. Intern/Loretto Community. The Loretto Community has long supported migrants and refugees in our midst. Here is an update on what has been happening on a global level at the United Nations. In September 2016, the U.N. General…

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LACC — Why Sanctuary, Why Now?

By Loretto Community / February 1, 2018 / 0 Comments

By Maureen Flanigan The Loretto Latin America Caribbean Committee met for a “face-to-face” the first weekend in January with full hearts and a full agenda. The theme of “intention” guided our weekend, pulling us into the urgent work of advocacy for our sisters and brothers threatened by injustice and abuse. We began our three days…

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Loretto Joins with LCWR to Denounce Trump Administration’s Decision to Rescind Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans

By Loretto Community / January 11, 2018 / 0 Comments

The Loretto Community joins with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in strongly denouncing the cruel decision by the Trump administration to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for more than 200,000 Salvadorans. El Salvador is the fourth country whose citizens have been stripped of their right to protection by President Trump’s administration. Rescinding TPS from…

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Loretto Stands at the Border to Close the School of the Americas

By Loretto Community / December 1, 2017 / 0 Comments

By Paulette Peterson and Mary Ann McGivern Sixteen Loretto Community members, Volunteers and friends joined the Nov. 9 demonstration to advocate for the closing of the School of the Americas, renamed the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC). Loretto has been present at the School of the Americas Watch in Fort Benning, Ga., since…

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#DACA #Here to Stay

By Loretto Community / October 2, 2017 / 0 Comments

                                                John and Lillian Moskeland joined Dayton, Ohio, residents who stood in front of Republican Rep. Mike Turner’s offices Sept. 5 to support Dreamers and the Hope Act. Singers, speakers and League…

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Welcoming the Stranger

By Loretto Community / February 21, 2017 / 0 Comments

Statement of the Loretto Community ‘Welcoming the Stranger’ Feb. 21, 2017 The Sisters and Co-Members of Loretto, a community of faith joined in mission to work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us, call on one another and all persons of goodwill to live the words of Jesus, when he said:…

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Loretto Goes to World Humanitarian Summit 2016

By Loretto Community / August 31, 2016 / 0 Comments

By Theresa Kubasak “I’ve been at the Summit for two days and this is the best thing I’ve heard! We need to listen to refugees. Everyone in Europe should be listening. We need to listen to this!” The responder, Andrea Bellardinelli from Programma Italia Emergency, was correct in the assessment that most of the sessions…

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Volunteering with Refugees … A Community Effort

By Loretto Community / December 23, 2014 / 0 Comments

By Cecily Jones For Alicia Ramirez the five weeks during which she volunteered at El Paso’s Nazareth Hall, now partly converted into a welcoming center for immigrants, held strong lessons on the importance of community efforts. (For background see page 1 of the August/September Interchange.) Together with other volunteers, three of whom were also women…

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A Wall Won’t Stop Migration’: Through the Eyes of a Border Trip Participant

By Loretto Community / December 23, 2014 / 0 Comments

Story by and photos courtesy of Nico Gumbs The U.S./Mexico border is filled with trials and tribulations, burdened with murders and deaths, and filled with hope of reaching El Norte. Depicted in the media as a haven for migrating “criminals,” yet nothing is as real as seeing the treacherous wall and border firsthand. Media can…

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What Would Jesus Do? Loretto Lobbies D.C. on Behalf of Border Refugees

By Loretto Community / July 16, 2014 / 0 Comments

By Mary Ann McGivern SL (Editor’s note: This post originally appeared as an entry on Mary Ann’s NCR blog: View here) I’m in Washington, D.C., on a lobbying trip with the Loretto Community planned six months ago. We identified seven issues, invited members to come along, wrote fact sheets and prayers, and, eight weeks ago,…

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Loretto Reaches Out to ‘Farther Neighbor,’ Helps Serve Mass of Refugees in El Paso

By Loretto Community / July 15, 2014 / 0 Comments

A wing of Nazareth Living Care Center (long known as Nazareth Hall), a nursing home for years to scores of retired Loretto Sisters, has reopened to help serve a mass of refugees who are arriving daily in El Paso from Central America. On July 11, the center received about 70 new guests, reported Elisa Rodriguez…

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