Immigrants and Refugees

Loretto strongly advocates for the needs of our neighbors and holds a special place in its heart for immigrants, migrants and refugees. We join with the universal Church is seeing the goodness of all people and welcome all with open arms. We tell the story of the immigrant to all who will listen and speak up on behalf of human life. Learn about our Justice and Peace work.

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Immigration Spotlight

By Loretto Community / December 10, 2021 /

Please join the LACC Immigration Spotlight on Friday, December 10th at 11am EDT. Bob Kee, a volunteer with the Tucson Samaritans, a group dedicated to the survival of people who make…

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Immigration Spotlight

By Loretto Community / November 5, 2021 /

Please join the LACC Immigration Spotlight on Friday, November 5th at 11am EDT to hear Maggie Loredo, the co-director of Otros Dreamers en Acción (ODA).  Maggie was born in San Luis…

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Loretto’s Latin America/Caribbean Committee Serves as Beacon of Hope, Force for Change

By Loretto Community / October 25, 2021 /
Group photo of 14 Border Trip participants

Loretto has heard the words of Pope Francis as he has worked for years to protect the rights of the immigrant. In his “Message for 2019 World Day of Migrants…

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Immigration Spotlight

By Loretto Community / October 22, 2021 /

Please join the LACC Immigration Spotlight on Friday, October 22nd at 11am EDT featuring Dulce Garcia, an attorney and a DACA Dreamer who sued the Trump Administration after the termination of DACA in…

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Immigration Spotlight – Friday, September 17, 2021

By Loretto Community / September 17, 2021 /

Please join us for the Immigration Spotlight Friday, September 17, 2021 from 11am to 12pm EDT. We’ll hear from Loretto Co-Member Barbara Wander and Mabel Valdivia, Executive Director of Fonkoze,…

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Racism, Migration and Climate Crises: Three Great Challenges of Our Time

By Loretto Community / February 28, 2021 /
Wide blue, purple and green stripes fill the photo, with "Exploring Intersections" logo in the lower third of the frame.

“I Am the Way,” the Loretto Constitutions, #66, calls us to do this: “The spirit of the poor proclaimed by the Beatitudes demands more than our generosity and detachment. It…

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Immigration Spotlight – “Harvest of Empire” discussion

By Loretto Community / February 26, 2021 /

Please join the LACC on Zoom for the next Immigration Spotlight Friday, February 26th at 11am ET. Discussion will be about the film, Harvest of Empire. This compelling documentary explores the…

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Catholic women pursue pro-life values at the border

By Loretto Community / February 18, 2021 /

Published by the National Catholic Reporter February 18, 2021 While most young adults look to the entertainment industry for models to emulate, 23-year-old Elyse McMahon turns to a more idyllic…

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LACC Spotlights Attention on Seeking Justice for Immigrants, Migrants, Farmworkers, Detainees & Asylum Seekers

By Loretto Community / February 8, 2021 /

The Latin America/Caribbean Committee (LACC) is pleased to present its daily Facebook messages on immigration reform, support and humanitarian help at the border, migrant justice, advocacy for farm workers, detainees…

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Loretto Community Statement on U.S. Supreme Court DACA Decision and the Urgent Need for Reform of U.S. Immigration and Asylum Laws

By Loretto Community / June 19, 2020 /

Members of the Loretto Community rejoice in yesterday’s (June 18, 2020) DACA decision from the U.S. Supreme Court because it removes the immediate threat of deportation for 700,000 of our…

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Loretto Works With People of Diverse Faiths To Serve Others

By Loretto Community / April 27, 2020 /

We cannot live the Gospel without proximity to those who are vulnerable and marginalized.  Pat Farrell OSF, LCWR past president In the midst of all that divides the world, Loretto…

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Loretto at the border

By Mary Jean Friel CoL / February 28, 2020 /

Loretto’s Latin America/Caribbean Committee (LACC) has been on the front lines of the immigration crisis for many years at the Arizona border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico. LACC’s Border…

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