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Loretto Link Looks to a Vibrant Future

Posted on November 29, 2023, by Kim Klein CoL

Eleven woman stand in staggered rows on a staircase smiling for a group photo
Loretto Link Board members 2023: From left, from bottom first row: Maria Visse, Sue Kenney, Mary Ellen McElroy; second row: Jean East, Carole Eschen, Pat Geier, Martha Crawley; third row: Jen Staed, Paulette Peterson; top row: Virginia Nesmith and Kim Klein.
Photo courtesy of Kim Klein

Loretto Link is five years old! The organization was created to help carry on the mission and spirit of Loretto, and we incorporated as a nonprofit in 2018. Our members are steeped in Loretto’s values of peace, justice and hospitality, and together we seek new ways to be of service to a hurting and damaged world. Our work, vision and commitment are grounded in shared decision-making, respect, witness, solidarity and nonviolence.

Our mission work is carried out by working groups that focus on many vital issues including immigration, voter education and turn-out, economic justice and more. In addition, one element of our structure that makes us unusual in the world of social justice organizations is our belief that contemplation and spiritual reflection are key components of any actions that we pursue, and that community is what holds our collective spirit.

A bright colorful mural of oranges and blues shows a hispanic woman's face partially covered by a purple bandana
A mural outside Espacio Migrante in Tijuana, a community center Loretto Link has supported.
Photo courtesy of Kim Klein

Since our founding, we have had some wonderful accomplishments. Just to mention some highlights: 

  • Have a Transformational Investment in Hope Credit Union which strengthens the financial health and wealth of people in under-resourced Deep South communities; 
  • Provided significant funding to help post bail for detained immigrants in Denver;
  • Provided the money for critical repairs to Casa Arcoíris, an LGBTQ migrant shelter in Tijuana;
  • Collaborated with the Loretto Community by sponsoring one Justice Fellow in the new Loretto Justice Fellowship Program
  • Are active members of the Poor People’s Campaign and have gone to Washington to march and visit legislators;  
  • Took a cohort of people to Montgomery to reflect on the Civil Rights Movement and to talk with local leaders about addressing the racism of our current time; 
  • Provide low interest loans to people with predatory payday loans so they can move out of debt;
  • Sponsor a yearly contemplative retreat online;
  • And much more. Our work is chronicled in our biweekly e-newsletter.  

All of this work is made possible by our membership. Currently about 175 people are dues-paying members of Loretto Link. We are comprised of vowed and co-members and friends of the Loretto Community. The board of directors is elected by the membership. In the years to come, we imagine expanding the reach of our working groups and adding new working groups. Our most important work will be building a community of people working for justice and peace and who see that work through an interspiritual lens.  

As we look forward, we invite anyone who is interested in exploring membership in Loretto Link or who simply wants to support our work to visit our website, www.lorettolink.org.


Kim Klein CoL

Kim is a fundraising consultant and has been a Loretto Co-member for more than 25 years. The Loretto Community is her spiritual home as well as a source of many deep friendships. She has served on a variety of committees, including the Investment Committee, the Motherhouse Shared Futures Committee and the Civil Incorporation Committee. She is on the board of Loretto Link and the Charitable Trust.
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